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Letter from Cuttyhunk: The Church family and Captain Benjamin Barber Church

Calling all writers from the Cape and Islands and beyond … limited space remains as the deadline quickly approaches for the upcoming Cuttyhunk Island...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: The Master of Penikese Island

The Elizabeth Islands, with their rugged topography, were carved 10,000 years ago by the slow, scraping movement of a receding glacier at the end...

Letter From Cuttyhunk: Flying Santa and our lighthouse keepers

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! In the midst of our pre-holiday shopping hustle and the escalating Santa excitement, it’s a perfect time...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: Preserving our maritime history

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am thankful for so many things this season, including the unique and colorful maritime history we all share on...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: The little church on the hill

After receiving a humorous account from islander John Hornbach about his  pre-wedding events this past summer at the Cuttyhunk church, I imagined his best...

Letter from Cuttyhunk : The Winter House

As autumn arrives on the island, the peace and stillness of the off-season settles into place. The beaches become places of reflective solitude, the...

Letter From Cuttyhunk: Captain Paul Cuffee — Cuttyhunk’s remarkable son

A cold nose nuzzled imploringly against his bare leg, interrupting his intense concentration on the approaching ship. Try as he might, young Paul could...

Letter from Cuttyhunk

A lone chummer stood quietly waiting at the water’s edge with his basket of bait brimming with plentiful lobster, crab, and menhaden. He had...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: Monument to Gosnold

Gosnold confidently steered his bark Concord toward North Virginia in the spring of 1602, accompanied by 32 adventurous people, among them 20 settlers hoping...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: The Fish Dock — always a gathering place

Summer quickly approaches, and the signs are all around the island. College students return laden down with their entire dorm-room contents, or proudly displaying...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: The Avalon

What a difference a month can make! Daffodils bloom abundantly across the island in every direction, adding their cheerful countenances and bright hues to...

Letter from Cuttyhunk: Hello, Martha’s Vineyard

Readers responded so positively to our story about Cuttyhunk several weeks ago that we decided we’d like to hear from Cuttyhunk more often. Nancy...