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RIP, City Upon a Hill

Going back to Puritan New England, Americans have considered themselves the rightful beneficiaries of God’s grace. We entered into a contract with God —...

Journalism 2019: Disruption roadkill

My editorial betters — just about everyone I know with newspaper experience — have taught me this cardinal principal: Don’t bury the lede. So...

Publisher's Note

In last week's (10/27/2016) issue of the Martha’s Vineyard Times we published a signed column (“Gone Hunting”) that included personal information regarding a person...

Opinion: We all need to be journalists

Newspapers, including small community newspapers, have a particular duty to observe the deaths of journalists around the world as they do their jobs. The...

Publisher’s Note: A useful newspaper

In the course of crafting perhaps 1,500 Times editorials, Doug did his best to make sure that we were always posing the same question — what does this warrant article, or proposal, or project, or candidate, or for that matter this obituary — what does this mean for all of us, for the whole Vineyard community? Sometimes channeling his inner H.L. Mencken, sometimes E. B. White, Doug prodded and chided so we would take it all in.
The Martha's Vineyard Times

February 6 Update:  the new 

The entire Martha’s Vineyard Times web team continues to  work at restoring or adding new features and functions at It appears that after a...
The Martha's Vineyard Times

An update on the new web site

The roll-out of the new site continues, with many comments from readers – as part of the comment feature visible to all readers as...