All wrapped up in my life and nowhere to go — a little spin off on all dressed up and nowhere to go. I feel as if I fell slightly off the radar this week and have very little of down-home, feel-good, heart-warming tidbits to share. Let’s just see where the keyboard takes me. I will type and perhaps that all-too-familiar case of writer’s slump (I cannot call it block because I always seem to pull off something) will manage to work its way out of my fingertips.

The street sweeper made early morning rounds in Menemsha on Saturday. The wind we had over the previous weekend that managed to knock out power and down trees also played an integral role in moving sand — a lot of sand. Matt Merry pushed back most of it with a bucket loader and the sweeper came in for the fine detailed work. Thanks to everyone who participated in the reclaiming of the parking lot.

The school children are getting their grips on fall. The K/1 classes are exploring the great outdoors and what the changes in weather have to offer. The opportunity to collect falling leaves for rubbings and creating leaf people along with planting buckwheat in the garden are but a few.

The 2/3 tied their study of past and present together with a trip to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum by examining early stone tools used by the Wampanoags prior to their exploration of Menemsha Hills and discussions about rock cycles. Additionally, the 2/3 and 4/5 ventured to Plimoth Plantation with their teachers and parent chaperones, Marshall Carroll, Darren Leport, and Anja May.

The 4/5s UNICEF Fair was their big fall class undertaking. The students not only did research about what UNICEF does around the world but they put together a very successful fair at which they hosted the Chilmark School students, a group of West Tisbury students, parents, friends and neighbors. Each game was created and constructed by the children and cost 25 cents to play. Treats and snacks were also for sale with the final tally, including the donations collected in those orange and very recognizable boxes, topping $1,000.

The West Tisbury Library will host its annual poetry reading on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 4 pm. So for those of you who opted to lay low and stick close to home for the long weekend this is a nice way to wrap it up.

A group of residents concerned about the effects that extra-large seasonal homes might have on our local community and the environment are meeting at the Chilmark Library on Tuesday, November 15, at 2 pm. All are welcome to attend. The first meeting was held a few weeks ago and was attended by Clarissa Allen, Thomas Bena, Todd Christy, Caitlin Jones, Frank and Judy LoRusso, Bill Megan, and Chris Murphy.

Community members are invited to attend, either as readers or listeners. Refreshments will be served, too.

Wednesday, November 16, at 5:30 pm, author Paul Magid talks about his new book “George Crook: From the Redwoods to Appomattox” at the Chilmark Library.

Mark your calendars for next week. The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Performing Arts Department presents the musical “Chess.” Thursday Nov. 17 and Friday Nov. 18 shows are at 7 pm, with a Sunday matinee on Nov. 20 at 4 pm. Tickets are $10, students and senior price is $7. Venture down to the Performing Arts Center and catch a glimpse of a few familiar faces — Bradley Carroll and Thorpe Karabees both have parts and Brigida Larsen is behind the scenes as part of the tech crew.

Pizza night is still on the calendar for a couple more weeks at the Chilmark Church. It starts at 6 pm, when folks start wandering through the door for a slice or two along with the possibility of sinking teeth into some salad or a dessert. Judy Mayhew brought a huge display of apple crisp last week. It was piping hot out of the oven. The brown sugar on top was sweet and of the gooiest and most delightful consistency. How she managed to make it after just having returned from a trip to England to catch up with family is beyond me. I kind of hope she has the get up and go to do it again once. Or twice? All are welcome to stop by: no need to freshen up, just pop in on your way home from work, the barn, chores, errands, biking, hiking, climbing a tree or what not. Give Julie Flanders a call if you have any questions, 508-645-3723.