The power of the press. The power of the Internet. The power of pen and ink. I received an email the other day via my link on the MV Times webpage. It was from a man in Truro who is an old friend of Peggy Freydberg, who, as an aside, celebrated her 104th birthday just last month. He had lost touch with her and wondered if I might have some insight into her whereabouts. I will admit, I did a little background check of my own just to make sure he was, as they say, legit. I Googled his name and looked up the phone number on Who knew I was such a super sleuth. I was pleased to find that there was a 94-year-old Robert Holt residing in Truro. I passed along her phone number straight out of the Island Book. I was pleased to hear back from Bob Holt of Truro after he had a lovely reacquainting telephone conversation with a dear old friend. Next up, some snail mail correspondence since Peggy doesn’t have a computer.

Ava Stearns, double digit daughter of Bret Stearns and Sarah Doyle, has had a successful horse show circuit at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. She has been lucky to get a lot of great opportunities to show horses and ponies from all over the U.S. She was champion in the Children’s Hunter division for the second weekend this circuit and rode a small pony to Reserve Champion in his division, qualifying him for the 2012 National Pony Finals. Last week was especially exciting. Ava was front and center as all four of the U.S. Olympic Trials happened right there. She and many other riders got to ride alongside the best equestrians in the country as they vied for a spot on the U.S. Team going to London this summer. Ava wrapped up the winter circuit by being Champion in the Small Green division at WEF this weekend.

Another Chilmark gal spent the winter showing in Wellington. Clara Maynard arrived home this past weekend with her mother, Kristy Kinsman. Clara had an equally spectacular winter.

Margaret Maida popped off Island to attend a baby shower for Rebecca Baptiste and Lance Davenport. The shower was in Rochester at the home of Rachel and Todd Berger.

The mother-to-be is the daughter of “Lobster” Louie and Cookie of the sportfishing boat Rhonda’s Revenge which frequents Menemsha Harbor each summer. The Jack and Jill style shower drew in the likes of Barbara and George MacLaughlin and Marshal David.

You may have noticed Margaret pounding the pavement again. She had taken a break from the streets of Chilmark to walk in the southern heat. Florida was the exact location. Sons and granddaughters were the draw. She spent a weekend In Wellington watching granddaughter Matti ride. She spent a week in Nokomis visiting son Norman and going to the beach every day. She spent a week in Reddick with son Charlie and granddaughter Chelsea. She was fortunate to arrive at Chelsea’s just in time for school vacation. They visited and went to a number of horse events. Margaret even managed to squeeze in a lunch with Don Smith and Alice Re. They, by the way, should be venturing north relatively soon to catch up with Don’s extended family — K/1 teacher Robin Smith, to name one.

Kathie and Emmett Carroll have returned from their warm and balmy accommodations on Florida’s Sugarloaf Key. Laurisa Rich is also back on the east coast after being in northern California for an extended visit with her mother. Laurisa and Kathie will both be welcomed sights at the Chilmark Preschool.

I got a quick note from Landon Steere who is clearly itching to get back to Menemsha for the summer. We have missed his humor this winter and clearly he is just about bursting at the seams to share it with us and his grandparents, Heather Sommers and Ed Sussman.

Easter weekend is a great excuse for Jane and Herb Slater to have a full house. Sarah and Aaron Bennett along with their boys Scott and Jack will stampede the Slater’s Basin Road home along with Caleb, Chris and daughter Celia Slater. I am guessing there may just be an egg hunt in the mix.