Who thought it would ever happen? The tried and true, stand-up-to-the weather, functional fixture at Bliss Pond Farm has been replaced. Yes folks, the ladder gate that has been strung up for decades has been replaced with a traditional gate and post. Bob Hungerford, out of the peaceful solitude of his workshop, produced a sturdy, swing-with-one-hand piece of art. Julie Flanders, Bella Thorpe, and four-legged friends Ray, Smiley, Tupper, and Minnie Whinnie thank you sincerely.

Our recent Town Meeting passed a resolution to support the efforts of our state Senator Dan Wolf and Representative Tim Madden to get money out of politics. A festive get-together and short ceremony will be held this Saturday, May 12, at 10:45 am at the West Tisbury Library for the public, selectmen, and county commissioners.

Town nurse Laura Murphy R.N. will talk about shingles – what is it, who gets it, how to treat it and how to avoid it at the Chilmark Public Library on Thursday, May 17, at 4 pm. Laura will talk about how to decrease your risk of experiencing the scourge of shingles and discuss treatments to minimize the severity of the disease if you do get it. Call the library for more information about this informative event 508-645-3360.

Here is yet another public health announcement: On Friday May 11, at 2 pm, Commissioner John Auerbach will available to the Martha’s Vineyard to speak about proactive measures for healthy, active living across your lifespan at the Oak Bluffs Library. Come for the discussion with friends and family to meet this nationally acclaimed speaker on public health. The Mass in Motion Grant for Martha’s Vineyard was given to the island to promote activities for the health of the community.

There’s been some exciting news in the household of Brigida Larsen. She has been selected from the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Youth Crew to be a speaker at the walk’s Opening Ceremony on Saturday, May 19. Not only will she say a few words about who she is and and why she is “In it to End it” but she will be a part of the Connection Ribbon ceremony and the Show of Hands, two very memorable moments at the kick off event.

Well wishes go out to Russell Maloney who has, unfortunately, had a nasty bout of under-the-weather. May the sunshine and warmth freshen up your insides and get you on the road to recovery.

Belated birthday wishes go out to many, including my dear neighbor and brother-in-law Tim Carroll and Steve Broderick, proud grandfather of Hunter, Zeke, and Duke.

Congratulations to Barrett Oliver who celebrated his First Communion this past weekend. The Good Shepherd Parish was filled with countless blessings and 20-something children moving up a notch in the church.

Former Station Menemsha member David McConky recently graduated from a rigorous 17 weeks of training at Officer Candidate School and achieved the rank of Ensign. He, along with his lovely wife, Pamela, and adorable children, Eric and Hannah, enjoyed some much needed leave in New England.

Barbara, Karen, and Michael Flynn took in a Sox game at Fenway this past weekend. Kicking back, relaxing and having a grand time before life gets a little crazed at The Bite.

Summer showed a little bit of itself in Menemsha this weekend. Stripers were caught on the jetty (the catching is confirmed, not just hearsay: my kids each got one), mopeds were back in the road, folks on the beach tossing frisbees and skipping stones and boaters from across the way pulling in for lunch and a stroll. Thus far, Larsen’s and Menemsha Fish Market, the CopperWorks and the Texaco are all open, and Menemsha Market, with Debby Packer at the helm, is in the process of opening. Debby has revamped the shop but plans to carry a similar line of grocery items with some more organic goodies in the mix. Beetlebung Cafe will rise to the occasion any day now and the Galley, Bite, and Home Port will quickly follow suit. Yes folks, summer is nearly upon us.