I returned mid-afternoon on Sunday from a whirlwind 24 hours in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester where I attended my 20th reunion at Clark University. Our class turnout was rather low, but I had a good dose of catching up with my friend Kaylee McDonald who flew in from Seattle. Also occupying the booth at Moynihan’s Pub was Dara Munoz. She also graduated with me and really showed her city-side when she asked if I could FedEx her a dozen eggs from our backyard hens. There were a few others strolling through Red Square and peeking in the University Center, but the two mentioned promised to become faithful MV Times readers.

On the boat with me, which I realized after waking from a quick little cat nap in my car, were Bob Merry and Spider Andresen. They had just removed their weapons from lock up so clearly they had been off shooting targets likely.

Cathy Thompson mentioned the Aquinnah Library’s July and August speaker series for has been set. Our neighboring library will entice us with several speakers with Chilmark ties and topics. Duncan and Nancy Caldwell, Peter Benson Miller (Monina and Edward von Opal Miller’s son) and several of the speakers have topics of interest to up-islanders. Noli Taylor on local food, Peter Temple on volunteer and philanthropy, Linda Fairstein on her latest book, June Manning on the Tribe’s involvement today and Richard Skidmore on the music scene in the 70’s. It appears one will never have to cross the West Tisbury town line to dine, socialize, or be educated.

Menemsha has opened its doors to the masses. The Fenners at the Galley are swirling soft serve. The Flynns at the Bite make me drool h the smell of fresh grease. The Slaters have some really neat treasures displayed at OverSouth Antiques. Kara Merry has a full line of clothing in Pandora’s Box that can take you from beach to dinner party in a snap. Scott McDowell’s CopperWorks has the flag flying and the sound of metal work being tapped. Everett has had the garage doors wide open at the Chandlery with his commercial fishing gear and curiosities up for sale. Alan Cottle will have his hand-blown glass on display and for sale at his new shop next to the CopperWorks. The Larsen families are welcoming customers at the Menemsha Fish Market and Larsen’s. The Home Port, under the care of chef Teddy Diggs, is ready for the 2012 season. Menemsha Market is finalizing its septic upgrade and will be in full swing under Debby Packer’s watchful eye. Roberta has a fresh supply of summertime fun available at the Harbor Craft Shop. The newest addition, Beetlebung Cafe, is looking pretty spiffy. The charter boats are in and taking customers. Jonathan Boyd’s Mary Sea, Scott McDowell’s Lauren C, Jennifer Clarke’s Femme Fatale, Charlie Finnerty’s Lucyanna, Lev Wlodyka’s Jenny J, and new to the fleet this year is Annette Cingle’s Boston Whaler Annalee are all buffed, fueled, rigged, and ready to catch.

Charlie Finnerty was the proudest papa I’ve encountered in a long time when he told me about his daughter Annie graduating from Emerson College last week. When I asked my typical what’s new question, the grin on his face nearly reached from ear to ear when he mentioned Annie. Yes, his little girl has a beautiful diploma with her name in calligraphy letters displayed front and center. Ask him the next time you see him if he is proud. His answer will undoubtedly be yes. Annie will be home for the summer working at the Playhouse.

Well wishes go out to Adam Knight who had a tooth vs. soccer net incident this past week. He’s laying low and toughing it out with frappes and apple sauce, but he’s a strong one and will be back out on the field in no time. Hang in there, Adam.

I’d like to extend my condolences to Alan Porter who has just returned from England. He, sadly, returned to his family home to lay his father to rest. Best to you, Alan.

Welcome back to Bob and Emma Shalhope who have returned to their North Road home for the summer. I was very pleased to receive a long overdue hug from one of my favorite parent couples.