I have had a sick child at home for the last couple of weeks. I am feeling a bit like a recluse. We have been trying to keep up with school work — learning decimals, spelling facts, creating brain frames and writing journal entries. But, I will admit my ear hasn’t been to the ground when it comes to the comings and goings of my friends and neighbors. Sadly, a column sparsely laden with information is what you will receive from me this week.

Katy Smith has fared well for her senior year playing hockey. Many hours in the barn positioned between the pipes and in the crease donning a blocker, a catching glove and a bucket making saves and smothering the puck. Now I wipe my brow because trying to write in hockey slang was pretty stressful. Off the ice, the college acceptance letters are rolling in which makes me realize I won’t see her face nearly as much at this time next year.

Todd Christy took in a few West Coast sunsets on his coffee trip. We are all curious to hear what Cali influences might creep up here at the Chilmark Coffee Company.

The high school production of The Secret Garden was truly spectacular. For the dedicated group of adults who guided the students through their journey of rehearsals to the high-caliber actors the MVRHS seems to produce to all the technical crew behind the scenes creating props, costumes, scenes and more: a standing ovation to you all, including my dear daughter, Bradley Carroll, who spent her time backstage doing costume designs rather than taking on an acting role. I appreciate her go at diversity.

Happy 11 to Adam Knight. Friends, pizza, ice cream, and football were what the young man ordered and parents Alicia and Peter happily complied. Others entitled to birthday well wishes include Michelle Mayhew, Erin Hickey, Hannah Kahl, Greg Maynes, Trevor Maciel, Julie Flanders, Caleb Slater, Dennis Jason, and Dardy Slavin. May happiness and cake be bountiful in your lives.

Linda Thompson and Mark London have had the pleasure of their grandson Jasper Stray-London’s company this past week. Oh, yes, parents Alexandra and Peter were in tow, but he was certainly the focus of their energy — as he should be.

At this week’s Free Friday Movies at the library at 7 pm you can catch “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” based on the best-selling controversial novel by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway. Gary Cooper stars as an expatriate American demolition expert who aides the anti-fascist freedom fighters of Spain. Katrina Paxinou won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar as a member of the band of warriors that includes Ingrid Bergman, Cooper’s love interest. As always, there will be free refreshments available and a nice group of friends and neighbors whom you, perhaps, haven’t seen in a while because they have been too busy shoveling the snow.