Lethargy it pains thee. Fever it chills thee. Stomach churning. Lymph nodes swelling. Spleen enlarged. All they say to do is rest. Rest is the best cure along with plenty of fluids. Mono. That usually means one but it had to come from somewhere so, therefore, why isn’t it called Duo? Yes, poor Bradley Carroll is down for the count and calling the couch home- at least for the time being. Just as we got Brooks well and back to school after being down for the count for a month. The diagnosis was Post Infectious Disease Syndrome which I think is a fancy term for “this kid is sick but we are not sure with what. There will be a virus named after him in ten years.” Blah, I really shouldn’t complain but thanks for listening. Big thanks go to Katy Smith who totally hit the ball out of the park when she brought Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food to Bradley. Thanks also to Evandro Medici for burritos and good company, Mariah and Jessica Campbell for company and a catch up session, Susan Sigel Goldsmith for a home made pot of stew and Bryce, Kari and Brian Cioffi for smores and a good backyard burn.

Speaking of burning, Fire Chief David Norton shouts out a thank you to everyone for playing by the rules and getting a burn permit prior to torching off the brush pile. Additionally, we have had multiple chimney fires so please be reminding to have yours inspected and/or cleaned. I think we all can agree it is only logical.

Very happy birthdays must be wished to Zora Morais who is almost a whole hand (4), Lew French, Sean Slavin, Brian Cioffi, Karen Peitruska, Lisa Bibko-Vanderhoop, Sawyer Rothmann, Richard Skidmore, Nisa Counter, Chet Wisniewski, Herb Slater, Alan Porter and Owen Singer. As always, a special birthday shout out needs to go to my guy Marshall Carroll. On March 19, 1969 he was born alongside Patrick Jenkinson. It was a regular party at the MV Hospital maternity ward that day many years ago. Congratulations to Kathie, Emmett, Joannie and Pat for raising wonderful boys into amazing men. A very happy birthday wish goes to Hilda Jason who also celebrates her ninety-fourth on March 19. Additionally, as if that’s not enough, a big birthday shout out to Johnny Graham’s sweet gal Lori Robinett who, coincidentally, also celebrated on March 19.

Doug Fischer was in town this past week passing some time with his mom Rena. He also squeezed in a little doggie day care for his brother Albert while he was in upstate New York catching a glimpse of his youngest, Molly, at Ithaca College. Doug always has some good stories to tell about his time manning the fort at the Texaco. Things don’t change too much just the folks in the stories and not always then.

I’d like to shout out a hello to Leslie, Brent, River and Nico Bandi. They spent a couple of years in town some time ago and now are walking the shores of the west coast. Leslie and I connected on Facebook and, although they all look the same, the kids are so much taller.

Yesterday was the day to submit nomination papers for the town election. If you are thinking about running for an elected position, it looks like a write-in campaign is what you will have to tackle at this point. The town website is chalk full of great information. Go to for a plethora of information.

May the luck of the Irish be with you this week be it in the form of a lucky shamrock, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, an Irish jig or a pint of Guinness. Don your green, be merry, feast with your friends and neighbors, appreciate some folk music and enjoy.