The Island Grown Schools Chilmark report, courtesy of Lizzy Bradley: The first planting of peas are up and thriving. The pop-up cold frame is full of baby kale and lettuces enjoying the shelter. Onions and leeks were sown on Monday. Lizzy’s offsite staging area will provide hardened off seedings for the School garden next week. Thank you Lizzy, IGI, and students. I cannot wait too watch the garden evolve over the next few month. If you are wandering through the center of town, stop by the garden and peek over the fence. Then, think to yourself, our kids are doing this.

MV United U-13 boys played Norton this past weekend. The beautiful sunny day with Osprey making a nest in the tall light was the perfect backdrop for a 2-0 win. Gabe Ambulos’s teammates Lohen Goodwin and Spenser Dario scored the two goals. Norton put up a great defense.

Marguerite Cottle is home after a six-week stay at M.V. Hospital/Windemere. She’s back at her DH’s Hill Road home and I hope enjoying the daffodils that are in full bloom.

Andy Bluestein and his lovely bride, Stephanie Sprout, were at the Bluestein family home on Larsen Lane this weekend with dog Bridger in tow. Bridger looked like he was going to be doomed with a scrub down after his weekend of adventures. Andy and Steph looked blissfully relaxed and happy as they soaked up the Menemsha sunshine.

Also in town this past weekend was Christian Parker Sarason. A highlight was family dinner with John, Hillary, Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop Keene, Peter and Liam Keene (who has a first birthday soon), Emily Drazen. and Riggs and Helen Parker.

Jonathan Boyd’s Mary Sea and Scott McDowell’s Lauren C are back in the comfort of their charter dock slips. Both recently made the voyage back to Menemsha after wintering at Niemiec Marine, Popes Island, New Bedford. In addition to readying his boat for the charter season, Scott has been busy tapping copper in his shop, CopperWorks. Be sure to stop in and check out his craftsmanship. The open flag is flying most days.

Jonathan and Mary spent the weekend watching their little girl Emily grow up right before their eyes. Emily’s training wheels were removed from her bike only to realize she had outgrown it all together. Yes, longer legs mean the need for a bigger bike.

The sister team of Betsy and Christine has been hard at work prepping Larsen’s Fish Market for opening day. Carl and Melanie have also been there doing a few minor repairs.

Jane Slater has had the doors of OverSouth Antiques open. I spotted Coco Adams just the other day lending a hand maneuvering some furniture around for folks to peek at.

Kara Merry and her team of trusty assistants have been prepping Pandora’s Box. Roberta and Jim Morgan have been spotted at the Harbor Craft Shop getting things ready. There’s a little action at the Home Port and Menemsha Market also. The open flags will soon be flying along Basin Road.

The new dock project is fast approaching the end. Carl and Melanie Flanders have been laying the wood decking atop the concrete floats. They have been out there hard at work come rain or shine. It is nice to see the father and daughter team working side by side in seamless unison.

I still must say I favor a solid wood dock. The floats look fine. Yet, in my opinion, they will always look like they belong somewhere else. They lack the character and charm everyone in town is striving so hard to retain.