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Martha’s Vineyard District Court Report

Demetrio Garcia 3rd, West Tisbury; DOB 4/23/92, unarmed robbery, unarmed assault to rob, assault and battery: continued to pretrial conference.

Obama Beat

A weekly gleaning of news reports about President Obama's vacation: Where he will stay, what he will do, and references to the Island (described as tony and chic, didn't you know?) and Islanders that may surprise some.

Fatal bike accident spurs safety effort

Bicyclists traveling around Martha's Vineyard face a daunting map.

Carlin Hart appointed new Oak Bluffs School principal

Carlin Hart came full circle this week, returning to Oak Bluffs School where he once served as assistant principal to take the reins as the new principal.

State business gauges shows signs of feeble recovery

State House News Service — Three economic indexes out Tuesday morning contained discouraging news for the state's economy, reflecting three straight months of diminished home sales activity and significant erosion of employer and consumer optimism.

Fishing adventure provides some important lessons

When you are far out at sea, on a boat dead in the water, and the Coast Guard radio operator advises you to secure all hatches, put on life vests and asks for a checklist of safety gear, that's the time to worry.

No News Department: Nothing going on with Back Alley’s

Back Alley's, its billboard still featuring posters and advertisements, remains vacant.

Panel discussion will consider pressure on the court from national debates

"Political challenges influencing (or not) those serving on the bench" is the topic of a panel discussion Wednesday August 11 from 5:30-7:30 pm in the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown, organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program.

Two evenings with “Othello” and experts at Featherstone

For the last two years Boston's Actor's Shakespeare Project has been voted Best Theater Company by the Boston Phoenix.

Chappy bike path survey shows an Island divided

A survey of Chappaquiddick property owners conducted by a group of Northeastern University engineering students shows that 38 percent of those who responded favor a mixed-use path for bicycles and pedestrians.

A party at Sense of Wonder

Sense of Wonder, the creative seven-week children's camp in Vineyard Haven, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on August 13.

Stan Murphy

One of the subjects that almost always guarantees animated discussions and the exchange of interesting information without the falling into the heated I'm- right-you're-wrong debates — is art.

Wampum: History, tradition, art

In the past handful of decades, wampum has emerged on the Vineyard as a staple of up-Island culture and fashion.

Blue claw crabs on Martha’s Vineyard

Eva Faber reached a gloved hand cautiously into the trap, where half a dozen blue claw crabs clung tenaciously to the wire framework.

Friday antiques shows on Martha’s Vineyard

In 1997, Ron Gamba was the foreman for renovations at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.

Flatbread: Pizza with a purpose

Flatbread is the new restaurant at Nectar's, the nightclub located near the M.

Foreign exchange students combine work, education and fun

If you take a moment to listen closely at the Vineyard Haven Stop & Shop, you'll hear several accents and dialects, interwoven with the roaring air conditioning and the electronic beeps of the checkout machines.

Schools anticipate a bumper crop of kindergartners

Several Island public school principals expect a bumper crop of kindergartners this fall.

Governor Patrick says no to racinos

State House News Service — As expanded gambling legislation formally arrived on his desk Monday, Gov.