Chilmark Column


Here is a public service announcement from Katie Carroll, Chilmark board of health chairman: Mosquitoes are thick this summer and most do not carry diseases.

Nevertheless, you should take the time to protect yourself from exposure to bites. Reduce the mosquito population in your area by reducing breeding grounds and encouraging predation. Change water in bird baths and wading pools. Unclog gutters. Store wheelbarrows and other things that hold water upside down. Grow plants that attract birds and insect predators. Repair screens on your house. Wear protective clothing and use repellant on clothing. Read the directions and understand what you are exposing yourself to. Contact Marina Lent at the board of health office for further information (508) 645-2105.

Save that date. The All-Island Flu Clinic comes early this year. September 22 is the date you should mark on your calendars. I will have more information in the upcoming weeks.

Julie Coleman is leading the second women’s walk of the summer Sunday at 9:30am. All are welcome to meet at Menemsha Hills parking lot. Wear comfortable shoes. Bring a bottle of water. Enjoy the view and the company.

Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick received confirmation that they have been selected for the US National Team that will compete at the Cross Country World Championships on September 8 in Saalfelden, Austria. They are living the dream in an RV touring, training and racing in France. They recently competed in the Val d’Isere World Cup finals and are both excited and honored to be able to represent their country, team and sponsors once again.

Rachel Paxton, our Aquinnah neighbor, has her artwork on display at the Chilmark Library through August 31. I had the opportunity to take a peak while waiting for Brooks to choose some goodies. You can find birds, mixed media and more.

Ann Lees, long time Spring Point summer resident, recently had her poetry published. The book, titled Night Spirit, is available at Louisa Gould Gallery and Bunch of Grapes. Additionally, she donated two copies to both the Chilmark and West Tisbury libraries. We’ve had a few rainy days. What better way to spend it that curled up in a library reading nook?

The Parker clan, David, Becky (Harrison), Sophie, Meghan, Phoebe and Isabel, are in town. They were long overdue for a return visit. Beach, kayaks and family are all in the mix during their stay. The Keene kids, Adelaide, Thea, Ella and Lathrop, are always happy to have some extra kids in town. They also have cousin Lily visiting from Colorado. Lucky.

Summer, although it’s not over, has rolled on rather quickly in 2012. Folks have started to say their goodbyes. Cars loaded with a little extra beach sand have begun to migrate towards Woods Hole. There are a few more parking spaces to be found and the grocery lines aren’t quite as long. I feel like I have yet to visit with summer friends yet it is already time to say see you next year. The day and night are moving towards equality once again.