I haven’t gotten out much in the past couple weeks, as I seem to have fallen victim to every fall bug going around the Island. Maybe it is karma for forgetting to report on the flu clinic that took place last weekend. Sorry about that, people. My bad. Anyway, it was nice to finally get out of the house and enjoy the best light of the day on the deck at the Shanty on Sunday.

Speaking of downtown, my mom was telling a funny story the other day that I thought was worth sharing. My father took my nieces, Ellie and Caroline, into the Ice Cream and Candy Bazaar last Friday, where they filled their baskets and proceeded to the register, as usual, prompting Mom to relay the hilarity of the Edgartown kids going to the Candy Bazaar mid-summer, ducking right past all the tourists who don’t know the drill, to grab their baskets and get it done. They have it down to about 15 seconds, says Mom. Guess you can tell who the locals are!

Stacy Ickes, Cheri Mason, Katie Doll, and Edgartown Column sweetheart, Hilary Grannis whisked away Jane Ford in celebration of a milestone birthday this past weekend. (Twenty-five, I think? Wink, wink.) The ladies took Boston by storm — or rather, by Dark ‘n’ Stormy — partying their way from one end of the city to the other. The group was so busy having fun, they had to postpone their return to the island by a day. Well, even if 25 wasn’t the actual number, you all certainly partied like it was.

The way this Derby is going, I’d be surprised if the winner of the truck were old enough to drive it. The kids are continuing to reel ’em in. I hung out at weigh-in for a little while Friday night and partook of the spectacle. I was happy to see the name of my neighbor Bob Hayman on the leader board in a couple of places, not only because it meant he’d snagged some fish, but also because we see him so rarely these days because he’s always out herding the kids around to sports practices, on and off island. It’s good to know you’re still alive, buddy!

Happy retirement to Ralph Case, who has just completed his 40-year tenure at the Edgartown Water Department. I will miss seeing you drive around in the big blue truck, but I look forward to hearing about your future adventures. Someone has some free time for hunting season this year!

The FARM Institute announces a host of new fall programs. Wee Farmers for children ages 2-5, Fall Farm Hands for children ages 6-9, and Farmer in Training for ages 10 and up offer fun and educational activities around the farm, including chores and interaction with the animals. Sunday Projects, for ages 10 to adult, call for all hands on deck to help with farm projects taking place this season. Also, TFI is now taking orders for Thanksgiving and Holiday Heritage Breed Turkeys. Call 508-627-7007 or visit farminstitute.org for a full fall schedule and more information on upcoming events.

The Farm Institute, along with the MV Ag Society, is also taking part in the upcoming Living Local Harvest Festival, September 28-29, through which they proudly present “An Evening with David Fisher,” Friday September 28 at 7 pm at the Ag Hall. This lecture and discussion of Bio-Extensive Farming is open to the public and free of charge. Learn how to grow high-quality and high-yield vegetable crops in fields that are virtually weed free! This lecture is the first of two workshops offered by TFI in conjunction with our Pilot Parcels Project. Join TFI staff and volunteers the following day, Saturday, September 29, from 10 am to 3 pm, at the Living Local Harvest Fest for veggie sculpture, fiber arts, floral jewelry, cow chip bingo and oxen rides.

A very happy birthday to Kathy Ivory, who celebrates September 27. Hope you have a lovely day.