Thanks to Irene Hungerford for reminding me to share that the Martha’s Vineyard Horse Council will hold their monthly meeting at 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 10, at the Agricultural Hall. Among business to be discussed will be the planning of 2013 events. All are invited to attend and all are welcome to check out their website at

Did you know there was a German Club at the High School? They will host a fundraising event on January 9 at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center in the Tisbury Marketplace. The sing-a-long screening of the Sound of Music will begin at 7:30 pm and our very own Andrew Ruimerman will be in attendance. Andrew is greatly looking forward to the club’s trip to Germany and Austria and certainly hopes this event will help defer some of the costs incurred.

Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug have been in town riding, catching up with family and friends, and celebrating the holidays. The dynamic couple sets out soon for the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships in Chile. I trust papa Steve and mother Emily will do their best to keep us informed of their whereabouts and accomplishments.

Dan Broderick sets off to the golden coast of California to catch up with his squeeze Claire Callagy.

Squibnocket walks, dinner out, romps with the dog, movies cuddled up on the couch all made it into Herb and Jane Slater’s visit from Sarah (Slater), Aaron, Scottie and Jack Bennett.

Holly (Jenkinson), Marco, Emma, and Pete Bario made fast work of getting across the country to see their family and friends in Chilmark. Likely the best Christmas gift ever for grandmother Joannie who can’t get enough of her grandkids. They managed to squeeze in a little sledding while they were here visiting from sunny southern California.

Gwen Mayhew was also home for the holidays. A highlight was certainly kicking back with the ladies — Freya and Hailey, her adorable nieces, of course.

Despite the snow cover and frigid temperatures, Harry Beach ventured off to Gillette Stadium to see the Patriots in live action.

Whitney Hyde was home for the holidays and managed to sneak in a Nerf war with my nine-year-old, Bill Fielder, and Tim Walsh. How lucky my kiddo is to have so many self-proclaimed big brothers.

Lizzie Willette had a college friend, Sarah Barrett, visit. They made the rounds, dining out, visiting with friends, a little shopping, big home-cooked meals (thanks, lovely ladies), doggie walks, and more.

Birthday wishes are plentiful. Happy happy to all of you who celebrate, including Sam Carroll, Tegan Fenner, Sarah Andresen, Jenny Christy, Emily Boyd, Steve MacQuiggan, Mathea Morais, Cody Coutinho, Alec Gale, Rebekah Thomson, and Charlie Shipway.

Can you believe it? Judd Fuller will be back in town and taking center stage at the Wharf on Saturday the fifth. A reunion gig with Brian Alex, John Caban, and Tom Major. I am not sure of all the details, but I know his friendly mug has been missed around these parts. Nashville seems to be treating Judd well but it sounds like the Vineyard was calling.

Since 2012 has come to a close here are just a few short words, no wordy prose: May your days be content, happy, peaceful, joyous and more. May 2013 let you live life like you’ve never lived it before.