Happy school vacation week or, as those of us still on the Island say, “Where is everybody week?” Seriously, many, many people are away and many year-round businesses are closed for a break until March or some even until April. I have to admit that I went away too but am now back to enjoy the solitude.

The library always does their best to hold down the fort in Aquinnah. Today there will be a kid’s movie and pizza night, starting at 5 pm, and craft time will happen on Saturday from 12 noon to 3 pm. Thank you, librarians, for making it happen in Aquinnah. Seriously, I shudder to think of what the winter would be like here without the library.

The rest of this column will be about events that are happening in March because after tomorrow February is over! I know, I know March is not that much better; it’s still wet and cold and last year we even got snow and hail, but at least, at the very least, we are just two months away from May and surely we can make it. In February I have my doubts, but in March hope is restored and something always blooms. It may be a little something and the frost might kill it the next day, but there’s always a crocus or something in March.

There will be a “community input” meeting held by the Martha’s Vineyard Cultural Council on March 9, from 9 am to 12 noon. If you don’t know what the MVCC is and what it does you may want to go. The MVCC awards grants to people and organizations who apply for them, for projects in the arts, sciences, and humanities. All the requirements are listed on the MVCC website and this meeting is a great place to find out if a project you are working on or just dreaming up is eligible for funds. Plus I hear they are serving breakfast treats.

The 14th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival is just two weeks away and it is going to be good. You can see the schedule up on the website, There will be a special preview screening at the Harbor View on March 13 and then on Friday things move to Chilmark. There will be free events for kids which is new this year. Chris Fischer will be cooking up great food and Todd Christy will be pouring the Chilmark Coffee and there will of course be some good movies to watch. I am especially excited for, “Alive Inside”, “The Overnighters”, “52 Tuesdays”, “Obvious Child” and “Maidentrip.” But you should check out the website or the schedule that will be in this paper next week and see what looks good to you and then get your tickets.

Congratulations to Fynn Monahan who will represent the Chilmark School at the Island-wide spelling bee! And Menasha LaPorte is waiting in the wings in the event that Fynn can’t compete. Congratulations to you both.

Albert Fischer said on Facebook that he heard a pinkletink this week. Just one. In Menemsha. I’m not sure I believe him.