For your dining pleasure: Another round of restaurants returns

Fare from Farm Neck Cafe. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

It might still feel like winter, but spring is here, and summer’s on its way. Within the next month we’ll have another batch of great seasonal restaurant options. State Road restaurant and Rockfish reopen this week from their winter breaks, Thursday, March 26, and Friday, March 27, respectively.

Starting April 1 you’ll be able to grab a sandwich at Skinny Fat’s in Edgartown, and on April 2 Isola’s restaurant and Red Cat Kitchen reopen with their tasty fare. Fat Ronnie’s will be back serving those savory patties on Circuit Avenue on April 15, and Chesca’s returns to the Edgartown dining scene on April 16. Farm Neck Cafe and Fishbones in Oak Bluffs are both back in business on April 17, and Among the Flowers reopens on April 18. You can satisfy your sweet tooth once again at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium starting April 18, get your French food fix at L’Etoile come April 23, and fill your pizza cravings at Giordano’s in Oak Bluffs as of April 27.

It tastes like summer to us.

Know about any more restaurant reopenings? Let us know at We’ll be publishing a comprehensive list soon, and would love your help in making sure it’s complete.