Oak Bluffs: Enjoying the gardens


Well, I think any high snow piles left over from last winter’s storms must have melted by now. I know that I have. My flower gardens are beginning to get that tired end-of-summer look. But there are still amazing flower displays everywhere about town. What a beautiful welcome to town are all the well-cared-for gardens along the bulkhead, and across the street on the banks fronting the Wesley House and the other houses that overlook the harbor. What more can you say about Ocean Park than simply gorgeous, and it seems as though every street you drive down there are flower beds and flowering shrubs everywhere. Take the time to enjoy the views even amid the traffic jams and crowds.

Our town lost two longtime residents these past few weeks. Condolences to the family of Edmund Bernard. Edmund was a Korean War veteran, and well-known gardener and proprietor of Bernard’s Greenhouse, providing many families and businesses with flowers and plants. A graveside service with full military honors will be held on Saturday, August 29, at 10:30 in the Veterans’ Memorial section of Oak Grove Cemetery in Oak Bluffs.

Family and friends mourn the loss of Patsy Maitland Gentch, who died last week. Patsy was the smiling friend who always took time to speak with you and left you feeling upbeat and happy. How sorry we are, and will truly miss that endless smile.

Fr. Augustine Banganlie, who has assisted for the past few summers at Good Shepherd Parish, said goodbye to his parishioners this week. Father Banganlie, a native of Sierra Leone, has been assigned to a parish in Ireland, and will leave for that destination this week.

Michael James Dixon celebrated his sixth birthday in grand style on Sunday last. There was a cookout with dad Matt Rivers in charge, a dinosaur theme, including a cake decorated by his grandmother Linda Amaral, games with prizes for everyone, and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great-grands, babies, and friends from both sides of the family. All of this great fun was held at Nana Kati’s and Grandpa Dave’s house. The huge bounce house provided great entertainment for the kids and of course Matt.

Remember, roads will be a bit more crowded, as the County Fair, Illumination Night, and the Oak Bluffs Fireworks all occur this week. Enjoy these events, but remember traffic will be slow, and for the first time this year, dogs will not be permitted at the fair. I suggest you use common sense when deciding whether you should bring your dogs to the other two events. Do you really think dogs enjoy the crowds and the noise?

Birthday smiles to Tony Ratcliff on August 21, Leon Holt and Erin deBettencourt on the 23rd, Christine Anthony on the 24th, Ken Rusczyk on the 26th and Erika Bettencourt on the 27th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.