MVC approves medical marijuana grow operation

Geoff Rose, left, talks about the specifics of the medical marijuana industry at a previous meeting. The West Tisbury zoning board approved his grow site. — Stacey Rupolo

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission has voted to approve a Registered Medical Marijuana cultivation operation for Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard, at 90 Dr. Fisher Road, in the West Tisbury light industrial district.

“I think it’s important to note that this will provide a service to the Island that it currently doesn’t have,” Fred Hancock, commissioner from Oak Bluffs said. Christina Brown, commissioner from Edgartown, made a motion that  the approval be prefaced with verbiage that states the operation is providing a service that’s important to the Island.

All commissioners but Lenny Jason voted for the added language.

“You want to tell me there’s no grass on this Island?  Give me a break,” he said.

“I appreciated the fact that the commissioners stated that this is a service that’s important to the Island,” Geoff Rose, chief executive officer of Patient Centric, told The Times Friday morning.

The building was initially intended to be a Registered Marijuana Dispensary as well as a cultivation operation but, citing concerns of area residents about increased traffic, on May 26, Mr. Rose amended his application to remove the dispensary part of the application.

Current occupant Big Sky tents will share the first floor with an 1,800 square foot storage area. Patient Centric will use 1,800 square foot of the first floor for office, laboratory and storage. It will use 3,600 sf of the second floor for a flower room, vegetation room, the mother room, the clone room, trim room, packaging room, cure room and for office and storage space.

Patient Centric is licensed and regulated by the Department of Public Health (DPH). The marijuana grown at the cultivation site will be dispensed at a site to be determined, to patients with a Medical Marijuana Card issued by DPH. Mr. Rose also offered in his application the testing facilities at the site will only be used for plants grown there.

The cultivation operation now goes back to the West Tisbury Zoning Board of Appeals on July 13.


  1. Since it is island grown right in West Tis, maybe it will be for sale (dispensed) to card carriers at the WTFM, also known as the White Tourists Farmers Market. And what’s “the mother room”?

  2. Unfortunately none of the product made at this grow will be high caliber enough for the people who actually need it. What a shame the red tape has stripped this great idea down to the bone. Weed grown on the island? Yikes.

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