Renaissance House to host Douglass reading on the Fourth

Abigail McGrath, founder Renaissance House Writer's Retreat in Martha's Vineyard, hosts July 4 Frederick Douglass Speech at Inkwell Beach in 2015. — Courtesy Renaissance House

On July 4, the Renaissance House, a retreat for writers and artists located in Oak Bluffs, will be hosting a reading of the Frederick Douglass speech “What Does the Fourth of July Mean to the Negro?” on Inkwell Beach, located in Oak Bluffs along Seaview Avenue and across from Ocean Park. This event was created by Abigail McGrath, founder of the Renaissance House, to celebrate the lasting impact of Douglass on American history. Volunteer readers will take turns reciting different parts of the 10,000-plus-word address, which has been condensed by Makani Themba, a social justice innovator and pioneer in the field of change communication and narrative strategy. Everyone is welcome to volunteer. Readers are asked to arrive at 3:30 pm, and the reading will begin at 4 pm. For more information, call the Renaissance House at (917) 747-0367.