A different view of firefighter’s performance


To the Editor:

The Oak Bluffs fireman/paramedic in the July 27, 2017, MV Times article is the Mr. Flanders in your January 17, 2016, edition who went into his neighbor’s blazing house without any fire equipment on and brought her to safety. As he resuscitated her on her front steps, the doors and windows blew out just as she began to breathe. This is one of the firemen that town administrator Robert Whritenour calls the worst. I think the many years of problems at Oak Bluffs Fire Department have an obvious source, Chief Rose.


Frank Collins



  1. Mr Collins, While I am sure Mr. Flanders has done many services for the community, I would like the point out that both sides of the story are not being represented fairly in the paper. If you are going to argue and put forth a story about Mr. Flanders saving someones life to dispute allegations being made about him in the paper saying otherwise, shouldn’t you then take the same stance on Mr. Rose? You see, it’s so easy to get only one side of a story when it comes to the way things are stated from a third party reporter, especially in the articles published recently. I’d like to remind you that Chief Rose has been a paramedic, EMT and Firefighter much longer than Mr. Flanders and has helped save countless lives and has ran into his fair share of burning buildings. Claiming that Mr. Rose is the “problem” because of the allegations and mis representations in the paper, and then defending Mr. Flanders for the same reasons is counterproductive and hypocritical. While the administration and the current employee’s at the OBFD don’t seem to share the same viewpoints, it doesn’t mean that Chief Rose is solely to blame. As a former member of the Fire Dept., there’s a lot of vindictive, manipulative employees that work there. They all complain to the administration about each other and then hide behind the administration and bad mouth them when they reprimand employees for each other’s complaints. I think changes need to be made as a whole, and blame cannot be placed on one individual.

  2. Please get your facts straight before starting more trouble! I’m guessing that you were not there? #morelies

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