The Big Question: Should Edgartown Stop & Shop move?


Do you think the Edgartown Stop & Shop should be moved out to the airport?


Definitely move Stop and Shop up to airport.

-Sarah Stock

To the airport and the same square footage as they have now

-Joe Barkett

Yes! Yes! Yes……it should have been done years ago.

-MJ Dunn

I would leave the Stop & Shop alone, and build a new store at the airport. Even if it is open 6 months of the year. It would take care of the over flow, crowding, some of the traffic, and provide easier access to those who don’t live in Edgartown.

-Sharon Scott

Stay where it is!  It’s on two major bus routes.  Not everyone has a car.  It would be a real hardship for folks that dont drive and changing buses is difficult for some.  Also being on the two major routes encourages use of public transportation as opposed to increased air pollution from more vehicle trips.

-Tena Davies




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