Another scam claiming to be Eversource


An Eversource scam The Times has written about before is apparently making the rounds again, according to a social media post by the Edgartown Police.

According to the post on the department’s Facebook page, “Edgartown Police have received several complaints of a phone scam where the party identifies themselves as an Eversource employee. The alleged employee threatens to shut off service if personal information is not provided, or they require the purchase of gifts cards of which you would provide them with the numbers on the back. Remember, do not provide any personal or banking information over the phone.”

In November, The Times reported that Eversource never demands immediate payment, and works out payment plans with customers who might fall behind on their bills. Ample notice is given long before power is shut off.

Similar scams have been reported across the country. Eversource recommends not offering any information like account numbers or the address in question, because if it was truly the utility, they would have that information.

If you have questions about a call’s legitimacy, call 800-592-2000, and to learn more about the scams, see