Wag more, bark less


To the Editor:

Let’s be reasonable. It is not the mission nor the responsibility of a conservation group to provide and maintain dog parks. Perhaps there is town, county, or state land that would be a suitable site.

Voters and taxpayers, work with your local parks and recreation department to create a dog park. Petition and place an article on your town meeting agenda.

Lee Dormont


  1. yes, Let’s be reasonable….why did they spend thousands on a fence? The people who frequent Trade Winds (which is what I believe you are referencing) has offered to form an association that would help look after the use of the property but LB won’t even talk to them. LB won’t even attend a town meeting where they know they will be asked questions they don’t want to answer.
    Trade Winds has been used for years and now thy say there are protecting a bug and a type of grass with this horrible looking fence?
    I don’t live in OB nor do I use Trade Winds but I feel for these people.

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