Norton Point closed to vehicle traffic


According to an alert issued by the town of Edgartown, Norton Point is closed to vehicle traffic. The area was already at limited capacity due to bird nesting and hatching, the alert states.

According to The Trustees of Reservations Facebook page, Oversand Vehicle access is available on Cape Poge. “Over the past several days we have lost two broods of plover chicks on East Beach due to natural causes. Accordingly, Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge from the Dike Bridge to the beginning of the Elbow are now open 24/7,” the post states.


  1. I hope the little baby birds have a long and happy life, and the people who who would unknowingly run them over will get over it, and go to some other beach– I hear Florida has lots of beaches. The Carolina’s also .
    Nice red states that really don’t care if “wildlife” gets wiped out..

    • Well, (Don cubed) – looks like you’re assimilating a little bit of that xenophobia.

  2. DonDonDon
    You just can’t help your self. Read the article first before sticking your mouth in it. The chicks died of natural causes not being run over. Correct me if I’m wrong but the only record of a chick being run over was by one of the people guarding them on the beach.

    • The article says that Norton Point is closed due to hatching and nesting birds, not dead birds. Norton Point is not Cape Poge.

  3. And those who cannot comprehend beyond their personal bias will melt like snowflakes on a sunny day in July.

    Those so biased, and likely prefer to run over little baby birds than be inconvenienced by the effort to park the tank and walk, could move to a beach way far to the south and get stuck in sand there.

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