Bill Clinton to speak at the Performing Arts Center

Former President Bill Clinton will be discussing his novel, The President is Missing, as part of the MV Author Series at the MVRHS Performing Arts Center on August 22 at 6:30 pm. — Gage Skidmore

On August 22, at 6:30 pm, former President Bill Clinton will speak at the Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center (PAC) in Oak Bluffs, as part of the MV Author Series.

Clinton will discuss his first full-length novel, “The President is Missing,” and focus his discourse on the many timely issues that his novel raises about today’s political climate. Co-authored by novelist James Patterson, the 2018 book is “a powerful one-of-a-kind thriller filled with details only a president could know, and the kind of suspense only James Patterson can deliver,” according to a press release from the MV Author Series.

On James Patterson’s website, the plot of the book is described as being centered around cyberterror, espionage, and a traitor in the White House.

Clinton will be in conversation with Bob Barnett, Washington’s go-to publishing deal-maker for four decades and one of the premier authors’ representatives in the world, according to the release.

Suellen Lazarus, founder of the MV Book Festival, told the Times that Barnett is a literary agent who has represented many different politicians, such as the Clintons and the Obamas, for more than 40 years. It was Barnett’s idea to have Clinton and Patterson collaborate on the book. Lazarus said Barnett will interview Clinton about his book, as well as discuss a broad range of issues pertinent to today. The audience will also get a unique glimpse into Clinton’s life. “People will see how Clinton spends his time, what he cares about, and what issues he is interested in,” Lazarus said. “His conversation will certainly resonate with the conversations of today.”

The book received a 4 star review on the popular book review website A comment from Justin Tate on Goodreads says the book is “not JUST a thriller, it’s a scenario of what-ifs. The commentary on how a president has to make tough decisions.

Clinton was a frequent visitor to the Vineyard during his presidency and after he left office.

General admission tickets are $60 for one ticket and $85 for two tickets, and both include one copy of the book with a bookplate signed by President Clinton and James Patterson. VIP tickets at $150 provide guests with two VIP seats in the front rows and a copy of the book autographed by President Clinton. Tickets are on sale now.


  1. I certainly hope women will boycott this! Please, in the name of Juanita Brodderick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. Real feminists stand up for women!!

    • I predict the island women will be there fawning all over the guy; besides, he “did not have sex with that woman”.

  2. Do we want to support this guy’s hawking a book that he didn’t really write? Maybe if he was willing to come clean publicly and the proceeds of “his” book were going to help abused women? Otherwise Bill you have worn out out your welcome. Stay home and keep your scripted insights to yourself.

  3. I find it kind of funny that the first couple of post here focus on Clintons alleged affairs. Of course, they are trump supporters, and could care less about his bad behavior.
    I believe that’s a psychological defense mechanism called displacement.
    if you hypocrites were really concerned about women, you would be calling for the impeachment of trump, rather than talking about stories you heard 20 years ago .

    • You really have little knowledge of what is reality and what is pushed by the left & MSM. Too bad for you

      • hanley— when you reply, could you please mention who you are replying to ? it is sometimes not clear on the times format– thanks—
        so let me talk about fixations– Bill Clinton has been a private citizen for over 18 years. Donnie trump is the current president of the united states– Every day he says something stupid, offensive, and untrue— every day– if you would like, I will send you examples of that every day( well, maybe not every day, but pretty often) if you give me your e mail address–you can do that by sending something to me at
        I have to wonder why trump supporters continually have to throw William Jefferson Clinton under the bus every time something comes up about sexual abuse. Clinton had 4 “accusers” of which 3 clearly said were consensual– trump– current leader of the free world, has 19 accusers — 2– of them , a playboy model and an adult film star say were consensual . The rest appear to be liars in the eyes of trump supporters.. Actually those 2 are also liars, I guess.
        So, Hanley, I ask you– why are you so fixated on the antics of Bill Clinton, from 30years ago who according to your ilk, is a washed up nobody. Then you give the current leader of the free world carte blanche to lie, deceive, berate, insult just about everyone unless they are sucking up to him, deem our long term allies enemies, declare the free press the enemy of the state, and undermine every institution that the united states has built over the last 250 years.
        And you think I ( emphasis on “I” )am employing some sort of psychological mechanism ?

        • If I brought up the subject of Clinton as often as you bring up the subject of Trump you might have a conversation. Stand back and have a look at the verbosity and intensity of your hating on Trump.

      • Hanley –I think the times deleted my e mail address —from my last post— seems to have happened immediately with the censor bots– so — here it is again– modified to avoid the bots dk dondondon @ gmail com

        • Hey Don – WordPress automatically deletes email addresses from the comments, so we don’t get spammed… if you want to trade addresses via me, you can do so at jamie at mvtimes dot com

      • The actual deflection. routine and normal, is the snowflake(s) turning every discussion to the hatred of the President.

        • We survived the presidency of Bill Clinton. If Trump supporters want to equate flings between consenting adults to willfully destroying western alliances to benefit a adversarial government, that says it all.

      • enough– i assume you are responding to me ? this site does not make it clear who you are responding to —
        Yes, ” alleged” — was anything ever proved in a court of law ?
        19 ” alleged” cases against trump — 4 against Clinton– lol

  4. come on people, you have to give him one more chance to suck up to the very large supply of gigantic democrat donors on the island for the month of August.
    Go where the money is, atta boy bill, don’t ever change

    • Clinton had a fling, Trump is destroying our alliances to better an adversary. That would be false equivalence by Republicans.

  5. I think Hanley and Clifford have a real point to make, whether you support either party. Abuse is abuse, if it is Democratic or Republican. No amount of deflection is going to change that. Clinton abuses, Trump abuses. If islanders support the abuse from their own side but condemn that coming from their opponents, then the hypocrisy renders me speechless.

    • Except Hanley dwells on a past we survived. Dondon would like us to survive the present … with our world standing and Constitution intact.

  6. Give the guy a break, the Clinton Foundation can’t sell influence like it once did and donations/payoffs are down. Do you expect the guy to get a job, most of what he says is fiction that is not a secret, people love to be conned and the Clinton’s were the biggest con men oppps people of our generation. He is an entertainer and people like to be entertained. There has always been a market for snake oil, so come on up people and put your money down Bill got the magic elixir.

    • I’ll admit to not liking to hear Bill Clinton speaking, actually the same applied to every president from LBJ through George W., couldn’t stand listening to any of them; Obama seemed to have the oratory skills practical in university lecture halls.

      As for snake oil:

      “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’” ~ Isaac Asimov

      • Asimov is known primarily for science fiction, and cute polemics. BTW, the US is a constitutional republic – not a democracy.

  7. Dont understand why anyone finds this guy (Clinton) entertaining or amusing, others that have committed the same offenses are in jail or going to. Again where is the outrage and again, hypocrites.

    • 3D EXACTLY!! Doesn’t make sense. Much like Antifa screaming fascist at Candace Owens in Philly today. Hypocrisy is surrounding us here too

  8. Do the VIP tickets come with a meet and greet experience, a free password for the internet and handful of uranium from his wife?

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