Plastic pollution


To the Editor:

I applaud the move toward paper straws, as reported a couple of weeks ago. However, this effort to reduce the plastic pollution we are inflicting on our environment pales in comparison when confronted with the continuing dispensing of single-use plastic bags by Reliable Market. Single-use plastic bags were banned in Oak Bluffs as of January 2018. Upon making an enquiry at the Town Hall, I was informed that Reliable Market had been granted a hardship waiver in order to use up their existing stock. While I understand that Reliable may well have such an inventory, surely they could come up with some better way to recoup any losses resulting from providing paper bags? How about a 5-cent levy on those paper bags? At the very least, Reliable Market could offer a recycling bin for plastic bags. I am appalled at the lack of concern for our environment shown by any businesses that continue to dispense this toxic product. I am even more appalled that our town government appears to be in collusion with these businesses against the wishes of their voters.


Susan Kimball

Oak Bluffs