Simon owed an apology


To the Editor:

Something very distressing happened on Wednesday night the 8th of August at Lola’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs. My husband, Peter Simon, was shooting photographs for his weekly MV Times column, “The Vineyard Scene,” when he was suddenly physically accosted by someone who started threatening him with obscenities. Peter asked him if he knew who he was and the man said, “No. Do you know who I am?” Peter also replied, “No.”

Well, it turned out to be Bill Murray, who believes because he is a “celebrity” he can dominate and orchestrate what happens in a public venue. Peter, who wasn’t even photographing Bill Murray, did not escalate the situation, but rather gave him a peace sign and retreated. Some time later Peter was seated at a table, and Bill Murray walked up to him and proceeded to pour water on him and his camera.

There is no place on this Island for bullies, as there is no place anywhere for bullies! Let’s not let the ill-behaved, destructive, idiotic behavior that has taken over our government and the “vocal minority” invade our peaceful Island.

To make matters worse, Kathy Domitrovich, the co-owner of Lola’s, informed Peter that he is no longer welcome there, and if he were to return he would be cited for trespassing.

Peter has documented the Island for over 50 years, as beautifully shown in his latest book, of which 20 percent of the profits goes to M.V. Community Services. Through the years he has supported numerous Island causes and fundraisers. It is outrageous that Lola’s would take the “celebrity’s” side over an Islander who has devoted so much of his time to helping others on this Island we love.

In recent days the off-Island media has picked up the story with some falsehoods. Domitrovich unequivocally states that Peter got wind that Bill Murray was at Lola’s, and went there expressly to take his photo. First of all, The MV Times publicly stated that he was there on assignment, and upon request of the Marotta Brothers. Second, Peter had no interest in taking photos of Bill Murray, and didn’t even recognize him. Upon reviewing the images Peter shot that night, predictably, there was not one photo of Bill Murray. Kathy also condoned the “water pouring.” As for Bill Murray, he feigned surprise when approached by the Oak Bluffs Police that he did anything wrong, and insisted that Peter was harassing him. Laughable and totally unbelievable.

I for one do not need a restraining order not to go to Lola’s. I sincerely hope Domitrovich and Bill Murray give Peter the apology he deserves. Let’s make America kind again!


Ronni Simon