Aliens spotted in West Tisbury

Out-of-this-world creation grabs Islanders’ attention.


Aliens have landed in West Tisbury, and it looks like they’re shopping for locally grown produce.

Ghost Island Farm owner Rusty Gordon has once again set up a spooky display along State Road — this time with some extraterrestrials. Uncanny mannequins in white zip-up suits and alien masks populate the farm’s entrance. Their giant aluminum spaceship sits by the road. The whole set was built by Gordon.

“Each year I try to make something different,” Gordon said of his creations, which pop up on State Road each year around Halloween. Last year, Gordon had a giant moving robot. In 2013, it was a giant pumpkin. His creations are made of mostly recycled material and parts lying around the farm.

Gordon said people driving by see the spaceship and the aliens and wonder what it is. In the evening, Gordon has been bringing the aliens inside so they are not stolen, which has been adding to the mystery around the set.

“Lots of people ask, ‘Where did the aliens go?’” Gordon said. When he brings them back out, he puts them in different places, so people think they’re moving around.

Gordon said he has always been “big into Halloween,” and crafting his spooky creations is a way he celebrates.

People can be seen stopping at the farm’s entrance to snap a selfie with the aliens. Gordon joked that not too many kids trick-or-treat at Ghost Island Farm because they’re too scared.

Gordon told The Times he’s been adding to the aliens and the spaceship each day, and plans to have lights and a fog machine attached in a few days — just in time for Halloween. “People like watching it be built,” he said.


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