Oak Bluffs: History of friendships


They say that timing is everything in life, and I must say it also makes for some interesting adventures. On Monday last I was on the SSA vessel Island Home at 9:30 am heading for an appointment. Suddenly the emergency alert went off on my daughter’s cell phone with the message “Tornado Warning.” My first thought was that it was a hoax, but scrolling through the info on the phones made us aware that it was indeed true, and not only that, but the image of the path of the storm was the path we were on.

Then the PA system on the boat came on, giving instructions to the passengers. As we were still in the car on the freight deck, it was difficult to understand, but it was somewhat along the line of everyone leave the outside deck and go inside to a lower deck, as we are hitting a brief area of rough weather. At that point I was torn between wishing I had never seen the movie “The Perfect Storm” and that I had a window view of what was happening out on the water. The boat started to sway a bit, and then at one time felt as if it had stopped altogether. But the journey ended with boat and passengers safely landing in Woods Hole, and with many conversations starting with “Oh my goodness, never in all my years, etc.” Kudos to the SSA crew for keeping us all safe and mostly calm.

But on to happier news. Sunday evening, friends and family of Jules and Barbara BenDavid gathered for their annual Halloween party and dinner, as they have for many years. As costumes are required, we celebrated with Jack and Jill, the Devil, a pirate, Famer in the Dell, and a few others. Along with our hosts, those enjoying the evening were Ed and Gus BenDavid, Jackie Dawley, Allan Davey, myself, Maureen and Bill Anderson, Wendy Rose, and Donna Gazelle. A grace before eating and many toasts brought on memories both of happy times and losses, and a few tears for those we miss echoed throughout the evening, but the laughs were more abundant than tears, and the history of our friendships has made our lives fuller. How blest we are.

You will be kept busy in Oak Bluffs this month with elections. Nov. 6 is the state election. A special town meeting takes place on Nov. 13, followed by the special town election on Nov. 15. Please take time to attend and vote in these important elections. Our state election should not be easily dismissed as unimportant this year. That view may result in further disasters. Tread carefully in Oak Bluffs, as difficult decisions must be made in major spending projects. Make sure you realize the full impact of the tax burden of the decisions you make. We have many expensive projects facing us, and should pick and choose carefully.

We send sincere condolences to our board of selectmen office administrator Alice Butler, whose son Colin M. Butler died on Friday. We are so very sorry.

The Scholastic Book Fair at the Oak Bluffs School takes place from Nov. 5 through 9. Great books and bargains, and you will be supporting our school.

Our library offers Saturday Stitchers: Modern Quilt Group and more on Saturday, Nov. 3, from 10 am to 2 pm. Practitioners of all types of fiber arts are welcome to come work in the meeting room. All levels are welcome, but no formal instruction is provided. Come share your passions and talents. And also on Nov. 3, from 2 to 3 pm, professional henna artist Bridgette Bartlett will do quick designs on hands with pure henna. Sign up soon, as only 10 slots are available.

We send birthday smiles to Ryan Gonsalves on Nov. 2, James Moreis Sr. on the 3rd, Randy BenDavid, Kerry Alley, and Jeannie More on the 5th, Susan Peters on Nov. 6, and Wendy Rose and Lana deBettencourt on the 7th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.