Community gobbles up police good deed


The Edgartown police have gotten into the spirit of giving by providing 41 families in need with turkeys, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving fixings.

A few years ago, Officer Will Bishop and Det. Michael Snowden came up with the idea of giving out turkeys in the days before Thanksgiving as a way to help out Edgartown families and brighten their holiday. Together with the Edgartown School and the Council on Aging, Bishop, Det. Snowden, and the rest of the Edgartown Police Department were able to identify families in need and give them a turkey surprise for Thanksgiving.

Bishop told The Times that Stop & Shop and Cash and Carry have helped with providing food. 19 Raw in Edgartown helped out with a cash donation for the charitable project.

Families are initially shocked when police officers knock on their door, Bishop said, but then they see the food and are “overcome with surprise.”

The turkeys give the police a chance to see people they know, but also interact with the people they normally wouldn’t see.

“It’s a fun project,” Bishop said. “We tried to do something nice for them and give them a little turkey spirit.”


  1. Congratulations, Edgartown Police, you have conducted yourselves honorably and made the residents proud of your charitable works.

    • Wrong. There IS NO SUCH THING as charity from public organs, only waste & abuse.
      If we’re looking for feel-good make-work from the police, or any public employee, to keep them busy, then it’s time to start passing out pink slips.

      Keep the turkey. Get off my lawn.

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