Don’t build in flood zone


To the Editor:

In Rich Saltzberg’s article in the Nov. 29 Times about the Hinckley warehouse being torn down, he mentions future plans for the property, including a large “workforce housing” project. Who could be against housing our workers? On the other hand, who could possibly think putting housing in harm’s way in the velocity zone of severe storm flooding is a good idea? We must have learned something by now about the foolishness of building on the low (mostly filled) wetlands around the harbor. Workforce housing, absolutely! In the hurricane flood zone, never!

Chris Murphy


  1. that place floods without a storm– 1/2 inch of rain will do it.
    So , I ask you, Chris, what can they do with it ? If it’s not suitable for housing, it’s not suitable for business.
    Perhaps a maga store, selling trump paraphernalia ? He and his supporters don’t believe sea level is rising, so let some idealistic bright spark build there.
    But really, could anyone building anything there get flood insurance ? What is the plan for septic ?

    • There are no official plans. Each time we’ve reported this we’ve said it’s all in preliminary design stages preparing to file. But the development team knows the obstacles and have already talked about the need for the buildings to be elevated. Thinking maybe we could wait for a plan before picking it apart.

    • I’m sure these experienced developers have figured out building elevation and flood insurance. It’s exactly the type of location for a mixed use development. We need more forward thinking people on this island and less negative doom and gloom types.

      • It’s Tisbury…..the gloom ‘n doom town on the Island. I hope the developer can weather through all the free advice and observations he’ll be getting.

  2. I would expect ideas would early in development get input from the insurance types. Underground infrastructure would need to be both secure and accessible. Housing and retail would require elevation. Then there’s traffic; more business on Beach Road will mean more traffic on Beach Road; when will Five Corners be fixed?

    Maybe a land swap with Ahold? I recall their proposed elevation was about 15 feet.

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