YMCA merges with Ice Arena

Boston Bruin alumni will face off against Islander skaters in a fundraiser hockey game on Saturday, April 27. –Gabrielle Mannino

Leaders at the YMCA and the Martha’s Vineyard Arena have approved a merger between the two entities, according to a joint release from arena president Geoghan Coogan and YMCA board of directors president Fain Hackney.

The merger comes after the two entities entered a management agreement.

“The merging of these two Island institutions will enhance our ability to achieve our common goals, advance our missions, and increase our impact on the Island community,” the release states. “We are proud to announce this merger, and look forward to an exciting future.”

The merger is expected to officially take effect Dec. 31.

There are still no changes to scheduling or pricing at the arena, according to YMCA chief executive officer Jill Robie-Axtell.

“The YMCA is feeling very enthusiastic and happy about the merger. We feel like it’s going to be a real asset to our program offering and our members, and look forward to being able to support strong operations and making sure everyone in the community has access to the ice and skating programs,” Robie-Axtell told The Times in a phone conversation.