Happy Holidays from the staff of the MVTimes

(And our dogs).

From left, bottom row: Gabrielle Mannino (photo editor), Brian Dowd (reporter), Whitney Multari (ad production), Jenna Lambert (ad sales/marketing), Ben LaPierre (graphic design); Brittany Bowker (reporter/editor), Bridget Palmieri (ad sales/marketing) with Bella, Jamie Kageleiry (associate publisher) with Beans, Lucas Thors (reporter). Back row: Alisun Armstrong (ad sales/marketing), Suzanne Roberge (classified ad manager), George Brennan (editor), Peter Oberfest (publisher), Chris Silva (art director), Kristofer Rabasca (art director), Barbara Oberfest (publisher) with Gus, Geoff Currier (associate editor), Jim Osborn (distribution), Rich Saltzberg (reporter), Connie Berry (features editor), Barbara Davis (proofreader). Missing: Beth Dickinson (graphic design), Tara Kenny (digital design), Kate Feiffer (contributing editor). –Josephine Brennan


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