The Big Question: Music Festival


Would you be in favor of the proposed three-day music festival to be held in Vineyard Haven?


  1. While the lineup amounts to pretty much the same old tired stuff that’s presented on MV, my biggest objection to the proposal is the location. The center of VH is a ridiculous place to hold such an event.
    Past festivals were held on the grounds of the MVRHS and the promoter already books acts at the PAC. Why not put it there?

  2. Yes! It’s a great location: walking distance from the ferry means that many people can day-trip without needing to take either a car or the VTA.

  3. In the middle of the summer?… no, not needed for promotion of the island. How about parking? is everyone going to come from off island to attend this event? Good luck getting a boat reservation and/or a hotel room. How is the promoter going to get boat reservations and hotel rooms for a large number of people that would be involved with the band and crew? There are only finite hotel beds available in the middle of summer. Great idea… wrong time of the year.

  4. I am all for having large events on the island, don’t get me wrong. The only way to control the area would be to bring in fencing all the way around the field and adjacent area. This would have to be a six foot(at least) fence with material to be view proof to keep people from just standing and watching the show for free. Would the townspeople and the selectmen even allow this? The crazy amount of logistics and control for this downtown are very difficult.
    How about the AG hall site? I was directly involved in the livestock ’95 event and control of that site was very difficult in August.

  5. The perimeter of the field is wetlands, a large scale event in this location will result in a complete quagmire.

  6. The concert promoter says that the concert will provide a lot of marketing and promotion that would bring many people to town, enhancing the reputation of the town, and that the extra visitors would buy lots of things from Vineyard Haven stores. Have he been in Vineyard Haven during the summer? There is already gridlock on the roads, no parking, and long lines to get into restaurants. We don’t need more visitors in the summer! I am strongly opposed to this event, which will negatively affect the quality of life in Vineyard Haven.

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