Man target-shooting at Crackatuxet didn’t see fisherman


An up-Island man in his 70s was target-shooting on Crackatuxet Beach in Edgartown Wednesday afternoon, but was unaware of a person fishing approximately 250 yards away.

According to Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee, the man was shooting at a small target in the direction of the Edgartown Great Pond, and could not see the fisherman because he was not in his immediate line of sight.

“It did not appear that the target shooter had a line of sight that would have made him aware of the fisherman’s presence,” McNamee said.

McNamee said the target shooter is a registered gun owner in Chilmark, and he had written permission from the property owner to shoot there.

“As far as we can tell, there was no criminal intent, but this is still under investigation,” McNamee said.


  1. The story here: the target shooter should have done a 360 degree walk around to ensure no living human body was in danger from his shot before he started firing.

  2. From the NRA (so we know they meant it):

    Gun Safety Rule #1: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

    Gun Safety Rule #2: Know your target and what is beyond it.

    • it seems to me that if the shooter did not have a line of sight to see the fisherman, the fisherman could have been behind the shooter– The story is not clear that shots were fired in the direction of the fisherman.
      Shooter may well have been following first 2 rules of nra .
      Did the fisherman have permission to be on the property ?

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