Oak Bluffs: Signs of spring


Our spring weather seems to be gaining over the cold winter as the warmth of the sun shines a bit longer each day, with just enough rain to encourage plants and foliage to reappear once again on the landscape. And the birds are singing their messages of various songs meant for locating mates, but bringing us sounds of spring joy to our ears. The cardinals’ ever-repeated songs of “what cheer” echo throughout the neighborhood resulting many of those colorful birds and many other varieties to the feeders.

Joy also filled the P.A. Club on Saturday as many family and friends gathered to celebrate a surprise 80th birthday party for Robert Rose. Bob, a longtime worker and assistant supervisor of the Oak Bluffs Highway Department, and for whom the Highway Department Barn is named, was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the crowd. Attendees included his wife Janice, his children Donna, Ricky, John, Manny, Trulayna, Christal and their partners, and grandchildren. Missed was his son Robert, who was unable to attend. Also there were many of his hunting and golfing buddies. His hunting buddies presented Bob with a large picture taken after one of their most successful hunts, showing themselves along with their deer take for the week, autographed by each of his buddies. The friends and families, the dancing, food catered by Kati Alley, all combined to make for a joyful celebration.

Although she did not win her bid for re-election, many Oak Bluffs and Island residents want to acknowledge their appreciation to Priscilla Sylvia for her dedicated service as a longtime Land Bank commissioner. As she has throughout her life, Priscilla served honestly and well as a caretaker of our Land Bank properties and environment. Never backing down from a difficult decision, she held fast to what she believed to be in the best interests of the Island. We shall miss her steadfast stances, but as she herself said, we wish her successor well in her new position.

The Oak Bluffs Flying Horses opened on Saturday for its 135th season. Robin Meader, who begins her 32nd year as manager, was there to greet everyone in her typical friendly fashion and to make sure everyone had a safe, enjoyable ride.

This scenario of spring seems to never change, but if you like change just ride up Circuit Avenue and circle around and exit by Kennebec Avenue. You now are able to really see the immense changes at the Lampost. The front is higher than ever, but the back view shows many doors, balconies, and windows, predicting what will be a busy complex when completed.

Spring cleaning also includes our beaches, as the 27th annual Earth Day cleanup will be held this Saturday, April 20, from 10 am to noon. For Oak Bluffs, please help at any of the following areas: State Beach, Little Bridge, Big Bridge, Eastville Point, Town Beach, SSA to Pay Beach and Inkwell, and the Jetty Beach at the end of Lagoon Road. After your hard work, head to the afterparty at Sailing Camp in Oak Bluffs from noon to 2 for food, refreshments, and a free raffle.

Our Oak Bluffs library will be holding a spring egg hunt on Saturday, April 20, at 10 am sharp for children and teens of all ages. The Island Grown Initiative free lunch is today, April 18, from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm. As this is school vacation week, the library has planned some special programs. Neighborhood cleanup takes place from 1 to 2 pm, and on Friday, Teen Lock-In from 5:15 to 7:15, when young adults ages 12 to 18 get the library to themselves. Preregistration by a parent or guardian is required.

Easter will be celebrated in many places this weekend, including beaches at sunrise, churches, and perhaps our hearts. But however you choose to acknowledge this holy holiday, we wish you a peaceful weekend.

We send belated birthday smiles to Michael Rebello on the 12th, granddaughter Sarah Rivers on the 13th, and Nicholas BenDavid on the 15th. Smiles to Mark Baird on April 19th, Mathew Leonard on the 20th, Shelby Ponte on the 22nd, Gloria Steere on the 23rd, James Moreis Jr. on the 24th, and Donna Pacheco, Andy Farrissey, and Lorraine Clark on the 25th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.