Will West Tisbury open up its beach?


To the Editor:

I take issue with recent letters from John Abrams and Michael Bellissimo, both of West Tisbury, supporting the Martha’s Vineyard Housing Bank. Both letters had the theme that we are one Island community. If we are an Island community, then why can’t the public walk, cycle, or bus to Lambert’s Cove Beach, a West Tisbury town park? Silence is my validation, end beach apartheid.


Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs


  1. Let’s join the rest of the country and most of the world and do the civilized thing, open all beaches. Private beaches are the absolute limousine Liberal mark of elitism. Even the conservative Nantucket has more welcoming beaches for all. Maybe real change is needed.

    • binwt– How you think that private beaches are a hallmark of liberal elitism is beyond me– California,( you know — that most liberal, most elitist state in the country) for instance, provides for public access to every inch of beach except restricted military installations.. There is no private ownership.
      As a contrast, 60 % of Florida’s beaches are privately owned.
      Do you think elitism is only for liberals ? I listen to hate radio sometimes, and they often use the term “liberal elitism” . How about conservative elitism ? I think it’s the conservatives that push for private beaches—

    • binwt — it seems you are advocating for ‘socialist beaches” that’s right– no private ownership of the coastline– everyone gets to use it.. That’s socialism plain and simple— AOC will see to it..

  2. Well Lambert’s is a Town beach – this dates back to that beach being privately owned, and it’s owner gifting it to the residents of town of West Tisbury. I don’t really have a problem with that.

  3. welcome back Albert– we missed you. Could you please try to get me a pass onto Lucy Vincent ? I don’t live in that town, but I am a socialist, and I think everything should be open to all people..
    Quite frankly, Lucy Vincent is a much nicer beach than Lamberts cove– no offense to L.C beach, it’s wonderful– but — so please Eric– end beach apartheid in Chilmark also…

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