Playing his racism card


We’ve been understandably disappointed with President Donald Trump’s sharp attacks on the media — calling us “the enemy of the people” and denigrating the good work of journalists at every turn.

Those attacks are bad enough, and are an obvious attempt by the president to deflect criticism of his administration and policies.

We don’t typically take aim at the president on this page, but his words and actions of the past few days deserve the kind of rebuke he received just about a year ago when The Times joined newspapers across the country, led by the Boston Globe, in a show of solidarity for freedom of the press.

Trump’s angry Twitter rant against four members of Congress — Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — all women, is another instance that calls for everyone to speak out with disdain for the president’s actions.

Trump has been rightfully criticized by Democrats since hitting send on his outrageous tweet, but Republicans have been mostly silent on the issue.

To refresh: Trump tweeted on Sunday that the four congresswomen should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” All four women are U.S. citizens, including Pressley, a newly elected member of Congress from Boston. Only one of the four women, Omar, was born in a foreign country, and all are women of color.

We find it reprehensible that not only have some members of the Republican Party not condemned Trump’s comments, but some, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have excused it by saying, as Trump has, that these women “hate” America. Graham doubled down and called the women “a bunch of communists.”

And given the chance to condemn Trump’s words in a House vote, all but four Republicans voted along party lines in a 240-187 vote on Tuesday. (It should be noted that the same House voted overwhelmingly, 407-23, in March to condemn hate speech in the wake of comments made by Omar that were considered anti-Semitic.) 

We do applaud Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, who hasn’t been afraid to call Trump to task when it’s warranted. Baker, a Republican, was quoted at an event Monday as saying, “The president’s tweets were shameful, they were racist, and … they bring a tremendous amount of, sort of, disgrace to public policy and public life, and I condemn them all.”

More Republicans should be speaking out against the president’s racist, xenophobic rants, and the only way that’s going to happen is if those who support the Republican Party have the courage and fortitude to speak out in large numbers that can’t be ignored.

Trump’s latest tirade has newspapers like the Boston Globe compiling the president’s most racist comments — and it’s a lengthy and disappointing list.

Can you imagine? How is anyone OK with this? What have we become where a politician acting in this way is acceptable to a large portion of his political base?

Trump’s comments are the type of behavior that leads to the viral videos you see on social media that show white people yelling “Go back to where you came from” at people speaking Spanish in public places.

He pushes divisiveness because that works best for a Trump candidacy.

We have to believe that Trump’s outburst was, in part, due to the outpouring across the country, including on Martha’s Vineyard, of people showing up and holding candlelight vigils to shine a light on the deplorable conditions at detention centers on the southern border of the United States. Even some Republicans have called out the conditions there. We have to keep that kind of pressure on this administration.

Trump is showing no signs that he’ll change his behavior. At a White House ceremony Monday, he was quoted as saying, “If you’re not happy here you can leave. That is what I say all of the time. That’s what I said in a tweet, which I guess some people think is controversial — a lot of people love it, by the way. A lot of people love it.”

A lot of people love it? 

It’s time to prove him wrong. It’s beyond time for his supporters to let him know loud and clear that this behavior crosses the line and won’t be tolerated.


  1. A few thoughts:

    -According to NPR, the president has a 90% approval rating from his party. They like the racism. It’s good to them. The republican party of the now is about this, first and foremost and, in Washington, an almost anarchistic desire to lower taxes.

    -All of the protesting didn’t get us out of Iraq, and it won’t shut down the detention centers. All of the negative attention is quite probably helping the president’s reelection chances. Protests simply do not have the effect that they once did, especially since the president can change the subject to his latest tweet the moment he feels like it.

    -Ditto for soaring rhetoric and any other speechifying. Any intelligent person in this country right now knows that Trump’s base is immune to reason, to language. Editorialize all you like, but as long as the economy holds there is every indication this president will enjoy re-election and he will continue doing whatever he wants at the borders.

  2. Trump mentioned no names. Trump mentioned no races. And Trump mentioned no ethnicities. The content of his statement was that if a congressional representative did not feel that the nation who had hired them was functioning in the way their constituents had sent them to Washington to serve, that it was incumbent upon them to return to their district (Minneapolis, Boston, Detroit, or Brooklyn and The Bronx), solve their inherent problems, and then return to Washington and teach their colleagues how to replicate their successes.

    • Love him or hate him, at least call him what he is: A RACIST. Why dance around it? You support him, you know this to be true.

    • islander– your comment is the problem with racism in America– you support a racist, spin his comments, and contribute to the problem. How do you sleep at night ?

  3. What a bundle of anti American garbage!
    The president was not, by any stretch of the disgruntled, radical lefts skewed imagination , being racist!!
    He was being a patriot and an American!
    He was being a responsible leader for America!! ( remember her)?
    He is correct!
    This isn’t about race or gender, it is about the above mentioned, radical, socialist, left bashing our President, our country, our ideologies, our flag, our laws, our Constitution, and Christianity on a regular basis!
    They have no business in our government!
    They do not believe in or support our ideals at any level!!
    They were elected by paid for Soros/ Obama votes!!
    For God’s sake, serve the people in a responsible, fact based manner!!
    Detention centers??
    No, it’s called enforcing the laws of our country!
    The press in our country has become a disgrace!

    • There is a photo of Kim Jong Un hung on a wall in the West Wing. You should re-think whose interests Trump represents.

    • Trump meets in the Oval Office May 2017 with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, both known as members of Russian intelligence, gives them national secrets as later confirmed by Israel Intelligence. Photos of the meet were released by the Russian Foreign Ministry, handy because US Press was barred.

    • Not about race or gender? “”Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” ” “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” Spin these, please.

    • What’s a Soros/Obama vote? Also, Barack Obama was twice elected in this country by a majority of both the popular and the electoral vote, unlike the man that followed him. I’m old enough to remember disgusting, racist images at Tea Party rallies, and the birtherism smear campaigns fueled by Donald Trump. I’m curious – did you regard the vociferous protests by the Tea Party and the members of Congress they helped elect as “bashing” or unpatriotic, or are you only annoyed by the 1st Amendment when your side is criticized?

        • It is no code at all!!
          It is paid for votes by Saul Alinsky, left ,radical, communist!!!
          They have had their thumb on the scale long enough so that even the liberals should have it figured out!

  4. Trump imposes tariffs on US soybeans sold to China so now China now buys soybeans from Russia. Trump subsidizes large US soybean farmers $4.7 billion a year for lost sales. Payment for doing nothing, I believe Republicans call that communism.

    • Jackie– it is my opinion that trump actually crawled out of a golden toilet that was in a swamp under a rock. I have no proof of that, but it is my opinion, and I am sticking with it.

  5. Re: Civil War Monument. Keep the comments to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m reading Around the World in 80 Days problems. What happened in Oak Bluffs… should stay on Martha’s Vineyard. When I retired, I finally could express my own opinions. This is one. There are two sides to a story. As a police chief, any decision I made was wrong to somebody. I hate the division exploding today inside the DC Beltway. The creation of neglect. Not Trump. Shouldn’t have happened. The Cops program developed under President Clinton was working…the effects of September 11th eroded that focus. I was appointed Chief in 1995. An officer didn’t like a decision I made. So, he said I was a racist and sued. I was unjustly labeled. He tried cashing in and lost. The weight of that label today? It could apply to everyone. Cheers!

    • Paul– some people are racist, and some are not– Just because some people push the boundaries of political correctness and see a racist behind every tree, does not mean that when someone is clearly a racist , we should deny he is . A racist is a racist is a racist. You are not, thank you for your service.

  6. The editor of the MV Times is playing a shell game with my comments. Unfairly. I post and poof…on the recent comment list. I’m a ‘lifelong member’ of the MV Chiefs of Police Association. I know what I know. The old gang would listen… back then.

    • I hear you Paul, and you are correct ~ A shell game is a shell game is a shell game~. Thank you for your service.
      I have the same problem with those who buy their ink by the barrels!

      • All of Paul’s comments have been posted. And, Tisbury Native, you’ve been made aware of why some of your posts don’t get approved.

      • Tisbury Native and Paul, a certain percentage of my comments don’t get approved. Instead of publicly whining about it, I try to think of better ways to make my point so that it is in keeping with this paper’s standards. And to take a page from the lying, orange racist occupying the WH, if you don’t like the standards here at the Times, a newspaper that you read and comment on FOR FREE, leave. Start your own newspaper and say whatever you like.

  7. Donnie is a racist. If you cannot see that, you may well be one yourself. He is a vile scumbag who is an embarrassment to this entire nation. He is also, without a doubt, the dumbest SOB to ever hold the office of POTUS.

  8. “The good work of journalists”:
    Bending language to fit a particular narrative that’s fits your agenda and the bias of your readers. I mean why not quote all the anti-American propaganda spewed by these 4 – on which scale is offending a group identity tolerable?
    Better yet, stick to the local issues…don’t try to bite off more than you can chew.

    • If a staff member of the MV Times, or a supervisor at Fox News told a fellow employee to go back to where they came from, it would be considered a violation of federal equal opportunity employment regulations that can be found here:

      There were plenty of loud voices emanating from the right from 2008 – 2016 that criticized the Obama administration; were they anti-American or is that only a designation used against those on the left? If you don’t like the current policies and actions of the government – local, state, or federal – the most patriotic thing to do is run for office and try to change it. That’s what these women have done. The fact that you don’t like their proposed policies doesn’t mean you’re any more un-American than they are for opposing the current administration.

  9. Why do Trump supporters sound like angry, resentful, bitter, whiny, sore losers? You’d think the Repubs lost the election, from reading all this moaning and griping about journalists doing their job. Repubs want to shoot the messenger. Can’t wait to hear the blubbering once they actually do lose. There is no question Trump is a racist.
    Repubs just don’t like the reality of it and blame those who report and editorialize on how dishonest and racist really is. And complaining about the #squad, after Trump called “good people on both sides” when referring to neo-nazis, is the height of blind hypocrisy. Or else, Trump supporters are just as ignorant, sexist, uneducated, racist, and anti-Semitic as he is.

    • Jackie. Whatever Trump is, he ain’t anti Semitic. He supports Israel more than anyone. Moved the Embassy to Jerusalem where it belongs and has supported his Jewish son-in-law to develop a peace plan for a two state solution.

      • Trump loves his daughter, not the Jewish people. After Charlottesville and the white suprematists shouting, “Jews will not replace us”, Trump said there are fine people on both sides. Trump is an antiSemite who caters to anti-Semitic hate groups. He happens to have a daughter married to a Jew. That’s what his support of Israel is about.

  10. I sent the following to @tedlieu after he ranted on the House floor. Read Trump’s tweets and break it down like your a Harvard edu lawyer. I could read it this way too. … You missed the larger point. Go back and help the poor & victimized. Who was suffering around the world…while you spoke? Not to stay there…but to bring lessons learned while aiding them…back to the United States… to better serve all Americans.

    • Why does Trump need an army of apologists to explain what he said? Can he not speak for himself? One can read the speeches of Lincoln and the Roosevelts without an interpreter. Lastly, what is pejorative about a Harvard education?

      • Trump needs his apologists because he is a liar and a racist who cannot un-say what he says and writes. He needs the apoligist army to twist themselves into knots trying to make the orange liar seem less racist and less of a liar. Trump very plainly said the #squad should go back to where they came from. A few days lafer, when his rallying sheep chanted “Send her back” about one of the congresswomen, Trump stood there like the instigating, silent idiot that he is and did and said nothing. Everyone knows what it means when a non-white, non-Christian person is told to “go back where you came from”. If you pretend Trump meant something else, you are indeed a racist yourself.

        • Jackie– things are getting even worse–the cancer seems to be spreading .
          What trumpo has set the stage for are comments like the one from Werner Horn, GOP state rep. from New Hampshire :“owning slaves doesn’t make you racist.”
          During the campaign trump’s sheep chanted “lock her up”. It turned out that the people who got locked up were trumps corrupt minions.
          It would be quite ironic if immigration decided to focus on a woman who came to the U.S from Slovenia years ago, paraded around naked and worked illegally in this country. Grounds for deportation, I believe. Send her back– .

    • Not new here: the modern definition of a racist is one who tries to pretend his blatant racism is not real and is simply made-up by liberals. There, fixed it for you.

      • Jackie. the modern definition of a liberal is one suffering from cranial rectal inversion. There, fixed it for you.

        • Crass insults do not make Trump and his “Send her back” supporters any less racist. Trump is still a racist and a liar who is dividing the country. He will be remembered in history as such. Denying the racism by deflecting with crass insults doesn’t hide or excuse the reality of who and what you support. You cannot defend the racism of the White House occupier, so you instead choose to be crass. FYI, standing up for racism is not a good look.

  11. Trump stereotyping isn’t an exact science. I went to Harvard. I walked through the Yard in the fall of 1997 to find WEB DuBois Institute. I was the Chief of Police in Edgartown. I told the nice young white man an inspiring story. How I spent my 4th of July on South Beach getting burnt to a crisp (in the noggin & Melanoma). Sorry, he said. We just do studies. The last stop of the day. I left the Island in the morning with a trifecta of appointments. 1st Stop. Roxbury. The Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force (gang unit). 2nd Stop. Boston office of US Secret Service. 3rd Stop. Cambridge/DuBois. Long day, but worthwhile. The SA-In-Charge gave me an official Secret Service coffee mug. Lt. Gary French listened. The gang unit boss with a sense of humor. He drove a tour bus on the Vineyard during the summer of 1975. I was the A&P traffic cop in ‘75 dodging tour busses. The table was set. Many difficult obstacles still remained. In December, I attended a Chiefs/Boston PD function and met BPD Superintendent Joe Carter, an Oak Bluffs homeowner. I explained to Joe the issues and our C.A.T. team efforts. In May/1998 Oak Bluffs had a new Police Chief. Joe Carter. Gang unit problems solved. It was bad enough to be cop stereotyped… at least I could take it off.

    • Paul. What does talking about yourself have to do with the fact that Trump is a liar and a racist and the most divisive president in the history of our country? Try to stay on topic.

  12. …At 12:02 I posted a comment Shell-Game-George doesn’t know what to do. I do. Post it.I’ve dusted off my old PoliceTrak coding skills. (All in fun.)

    • I know you think I’m sitting the office eating bonbons and waiting for the next comments to come in to moderate, but there is a little more to this editor job thing-y. Feel free to stop by some time. I’ll be happy to give you a tour.

  13. I’ll pass on the tour. If the Building Inspector gives me the two thumbs up A-Ok.Maybe. The place looks like it’s ready to fall down.

    • Paul– from your post , it seems you are a likely trump supporter but you don’t have to attack the local media ( or the condition of the building). It’s nice that you did some interesting things in your life— but what does pumping yourself up, and berating others have to do with the topic at hand , other than that is trump’s M.O. ?
      Thank you George, for being a reasonable moderator here. I appreciate your efforts at pointing out to my why you have cut my comments numerous times.

      • I don’t see Paul’s posts as ‘pumping himself up”. He handled a HUGE ”problem” with the massive 4th of july crowds here that started as a legit college fraternity’s annual gathering and turned into a Boston gangbanger event.If not for his efforts this place would have been turned upside down by the ”participants” and he used his experience, patience, knowledge and reaching out to everyone in order to smooth things out for all involved and the island owes him a big debt of gratitude. As an Edgartown resident I did not always agree with his patient approach to the massive unruly house parties and their participants ( I would have preferred to see the party hosts arrested for keeping an unruly house), but in the end, he got my admiration and respect for handling a potentially explosive situation with professionalism and respect for all . Maybe people could learn from him how to handle the current situation on a national level. It worked here and it can work everywhere.

        • not new– I am not belittling Paul’s accomplishments– just wondering why he feels the need to tell us about them with regard to this subject.

  14. Very sad: Happy to join @brikeilarcnn on @cnnto talk @POTUS racist comments about women of color! 1pm
    Replying to

    and 2 others
    You labeled ‘me’ racist on
    We’ve met. Whaling Church in Edgartown. On Martha’s Vineyard Island. Remember? The white guy in a white uniform shirt. Ask Henry Louis Gates if I’m ‘racist’ or the NAACP Chapter. I was the Chief of Police 1995-2010. I’m offended & feel used
    Replying to

    and 3 others
    Can you cite the interview sir. No, I do not remember that. Can you send me the link?
    Replying to @MichaelEDyson @brikeilarcnn and 3 others
    Find out yourself. Ain’t difficult. Do you not get what this wealthy selfish idiot did to my memory of MLK? He cashed in on the ideal hated vile racists that fueled the support of whites who condemned this injustice. Dr. King’s struggle? Dyson the fraud. What is a racist anymore?

    • What is a racist anymore? Racism isn’t simply words used, it’s perpetuating an environment intended to threaten people of color. A racist and non-racist may use precisely the same words, it’s the intent behind the words.

    • Not every Conservative Repub is racist, nor is every liberal Dem not racist. But when Trumpers try to pretend that racism is not evil because so many (racist) people now feel empowered by Trump to express their racism, (like the “fine” white supremacists, like “send her back” dumb, chanting sheep, and like Trump himself), you make it clear you don’t stand against racism. Why not take a stand against racism instead of trying to diminish how ugly it is? Why side with racists on this one?

    • We’re still waiting for Republicans to present a serious objection to Trump’s racism. Until then, it appears Republicans are okay with racism. Okay with racism means racist; there is no blurry line.

  15. seems like a lot of butt hurt people that cannot get over the fact their gal did not win
    certainly calling people names and taking it out on others is not the way to go.
    Time to face reality…. with a little more civility. Calling everyone racist all the time is beginning to densify everyone to the point of it having no meaning at all.

    • Donald Trump has a long history of racism… and of fraud and sexual predation. It is well documented and fact, from not renting to people of color for his daddy’s properties, to stiffing employees and Trump University students, to bragging about ogling undressed teenaged girls in his beauty pageants and sexually grabbing women. Anyone who claims to be now inured to the reality of how disgusting racism is, because they have somehow tired of hearing how racist Trump is, is the worst of this country. “Basket of deplorables” is too nice a description of those who think racism no longer means anything. People who lie are liars. People who express and act out their racist sentiments, are racist. Trump does both. Objecting to Trump being called a lying racist is no different from admiring a naked emperor’s fine clothes.

    • Except it appears the racists want racism normalized. I’ve seen little respect for people of color during any discussion of racism. Does their opinion matter?

  16. What a totally bias and hateful Editorial! The Squad of 4 left wing radicals and admitted America haters “Drew First Blood” and obviously knowing our President Trump would double down and attract!
    The editor is obviously a clear Trump, the Republican Party, Deplorables, and 2020 Trump Train Supporters hater.
    There is no doubt in my mind most of the media TV and print are “the enemy of the people”. It is proven over and over again the create Fake News and negatively exaggerate all issues concerning President Trump and his supporters. As far as RINO Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker goes, who listens to him anyway?
    It’s time to prove Again in 2020 when President Turmp wins a second term that the Fake News Polling lies i.e. Hilly is ahead by a landslide even up to the last few hours of the vote counting .
    Once again we will see that the Democrats are the sore, sore losers and this time they will really go on the defensive and off the deep end.
    BUT the next four years of his second term the Republicans will have both the house and the senate again and talk about Making America the Greatest in the World but that WALL will finally be built and ICE along with the Border Agents will be as powerful as our Military.
    BTW just check out the rating numbers for the left wing news channels, FOX is beating them all hands down as is Rush on the radio! **Trump Train 2020**

    • The OP was about racism. If discussing racism is difficult for you, perhaps this forum can help. If you cannot stay on topic, you might ask yourself why not.

    • There are also people who get on social media to deny the Holocaust. Tis Native, your bitter anger does not make your many untruths in your screed any less untruthful. Not liking the facts of the news or the opinions in editorials seem too much for you. Trump’s racism damages everyone.

  17. From either end of the political spectrum on this thread, no one seems to be contesting any election. The thread is about trump and racism. Yes, reality can be hard to face. trump is racist is and you have a hard time accepting that reality. Fine. Contesting the election? That chip is on your shoulder.

  18. “We are a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable. That’s why deportations of criminals are up 80 percent, and that’s why we’re going to keep focusing on threats to our security.”
    There is absolutely nothing racist about that statement. And President Trump is not a racist. Period.

    • Republicans stand for nothing and so they fall for anything, including the lies from the person occupying the White House. Old Farmer, it would be interesting to hear your defense of your hero’s long and documented history of being a racist. Trump would not rent NY properties to people of color. Tell me how that is not blatant racism. More recently, leading up to his campaign for president, Trump and his wife spent one year trying to convince Americans that Obama was born in Africa. Google it and you can watch his racist lies on YouTube. Tell us again how Trump is not a lying racist.

      • Jackie, what in GO’s name are you going to do when our President wins Re-election Big Time in 2020? I would advise that you and your Minions start building Safe Rooms in your basements as itis going to be a long 4 more years and the way ya`all handled your loss before it is not going to be pretty for ya`all.
        I am actually very excited and hope the same pollsters predict that Trump will loose and us Deplorables will retreat to our rooms in shame!!!

    • OFG: From trump’s mouth, “‘Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.” Spin this, please. Defend it.

      • Second hand quote, ie fake news.
        Y’all couldn’t beat him in the election, couldn’t prove he was a Russian agent or whatever, obstruction claims are a joke, so now it’s the old racism fallback. Very predicable.
        Like him or hate him, Donnie is a political genius- and everyone keeps falling for his traps.

        • Trump University is not fake news, WhaleOil. Neither is refusing to rent to black people. Standing in silence while crowds of MAGA sheep chant Send Her
          Back is also not fake. There is plenty of fake news on both sides, but that does not alter what is true. Tell me how the factual examples of Trump being a racist, including his lying about Obama’s birthplace, make the lying racist in the White House, not a racist. Every single Trump supporter either does not answer this question or deflects by saying how calling someone a racist now has no more meaning anymore. And yet you still think that the lying, racist conman/toddler is a genius. Talk about falling for it…

    • old farmer– we are a nation of laws– it would be nice if our president followed them.
      people don’t follow the law, prosecute them.
      Kellyanne is currently being charged with contempt of congress— Lock her up–
      And I totally agree with your comment — ” Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable” — any question the Melania worked in this country illegally ? —-SEND HER BACK ——. It cuts both ways, you know. And in case you don’t know the immigration laws, applying for asylum is not a crime.

    • Then the owner of the Mar-a-logo club and Trump golf courses in New York and New Jersey should be held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants. Or does illegal immigration stop being a problem when their guy does it?

  19. The laziness nonsense was fabricated by a short-term, fired casino employee who tried to profit off of a cheesy smear book. (Talk about lazy!) Just more fake news garbage. Yet another lie peddled by leftist media enough times for the low-info crowd to swallow it. Perhaps that sort of fictional bs is confused with an actual Trump quote: “Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations.” Considering how well black employment has grown since Obama stopped occupying the White House, and how much the deportation rate has fallen since, one would expect all this contrived noise about racism to subside… but no, radical libs (typically ensconced in wealthy white enclaves like MV) keep bleating lies and crying racist if anyone dares disagree. All in democrats’ increasingly vicious quest for one-party rule. Sad! Well, pathetic really, BUT conservatives are grateful… all the crazy rhetoric from racial grievance hustlers only helps guarantee that the Trump administration gets another 4 years. Thank heaven the United States has a leader dedicated to security, fairness, and prosperity for all Americans… and NOT a leader obsessed with skin color, entitlements, and appeasing those who hate our country.

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