Beach closes briefly after false report of fin

Long Point Wildlife Refuge is set to reopen. –Lexi Pline

For the second time this week, an Edgartown beach was closed temporarily after a beachgoer thought they saw a fin in the water.

This time it was Long Point, which is under the control of The Trustees of Reservations.

Chris Kennedy, stewardship manager for the trustees, said it was likely a lobster pot buoy that was spotted by someone on the beach. The beach was closed for only half an hour.

“My way of thinking is thank goodness people are being this observant,” Kennedy said of the heightened awareness. “I have no problem. Better to be cautious, close the beach, and figure out if it’s dangerous.”

South Beach was also closed briefly, according to town administrator James Hagerty. That was based on information about the Trustees closing the beach. 

There was no confirmation of a shark sighting.

On Tuesday, South Beach was closed for several hours after a fin was spotted in the water. In that case, it was a confirmed shark. The species was never confirmed, though great whites have been spotted off Edgartown, and data from buoys have also shown great whites at least swimming past the Island.


  1. Told you. Nobody listens to me. It’s those Searle brothers who got caught in the movie doing that…

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