Bikers converge on Island to pay tribute to Eric Voshell

Oak Bluffs man was killed in Fall River shooting; GoFundMe set up by friend.

Bikers were a part of the funeral procession for Eric Voshell, the Oak Bluffs man killed in a Fall River shooting. - Lucas Thors

The funeral for Eric Voshell, an Oak Bluffs man killed in a shooting at a Fall River bar one week ago, was held Friday morning at St. Augustine’s Church in Vineyard Haven. The funeral drew hundreds of mourners, including dozens of bikers wearing gear from their motorcycle clubs and breaking the quiet with their revving Harley engines, slowing traffic on Franklin Street and Vineyard Haven side streets.

Court records indicate that Voshell, a member of the Hells Angels affiliate the Sidewinders, was killed during a fight with a rival motorcycle gang known as the Outlaws.

There was a heavy police presence outside the church, with both Tisbury Police and State Police on hand. Tisbury Police Chief Mark Saloio, who could be seen on Franklin Street, could not immediately be reached for comment on who requested the police presence. Many bikers came to the Island on Thursday for Voshell’s wake to pay tribute to him, and their presence created a buzz in ferry lines.

After the funeral, about 100 motorcycles followed the procession down Spring Street and into Five Corners, headed for the cemetery in Oak Bluffs. 

Voshell owned Reliable HVAC Co., and was an Oak Bluffs firefighter before being seriously injured in a motorcycle crash in July 2018.

Joseph “JoJo” Noe, 25, is charged with murder and various other charges in connection with Voshell’s death. He pleaded not guilty in Fall River District Court Monday, and is being held without bail.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been set up for the family of Eric Voshell following the shooting that took his life.

The fundraiser, titled “Eric’s Girls,” was set up by Jeremy Borges, who could not immediately be reached for comment

In two days, the fundraiser has gathered more than $2,700 of its $100,000 goal. Several people left comments on the GoFundMe page. Ellen Baronosky, who donated $50, wrote, “Both Dave & I send our deepest condolences to Eric’s family & also to the whole SWMC!!!! RIP Eric!”

Jim Cooper, who donated $100, said, “It’s the right thing to do.”


  1. Feel so sad for his kids. Then again I was not happy to see his sidewinder buddies cruising down circuit ave. We don’t need to introduce these low lifes to the island.

    • BS… Those ‘lowlifes’ that you speak of don’t care how unhappy YOU are, they/we showed honor and respect to a fallen brother and his family. And these ‘lowlifes’ don’t need your approval or permission to ‘cruise down circuit ave’. It was a FUNERAL PROCESSION. Get over it. You have alot of opinions for someone who hides behind a 2 letter screen name. You should be so lucky to have so many solid people honoring you when you die… Oh before I forget, the amount of money those ‘lowlifes’ just contributed to the MV economy in 2 days, between hotel, travel, gas, food etc? Prolly more then YOU will in 6 months, so in reality…who’s the lowlife? The hundreds of bikers paying respect to their fallen brother and his family? … Oh and we’ve raised over 8 grand for his family in just a couple days (and climbing) what have YOU done except disrespect people? And Im the Dave thats mentioned with Ellen in the article, we donated $50 TWICE. RESPECT….learn the word. If you were inconvenienced by our procession? GOOD.

    • We agree on something. I was not happy to see these chain smoking fools making their impossibly deafening noise while waiting for my ferry in Woods Hole on Thursday. What a tragedy when a grown man leaves behind his precious family to join up with a gang of losers who get into fights with rival gangs. Some brotherhood. Aren’t there groups on the island for people to feel a sense of belonging, brotherhood, and doing actual good for the community? I doubt you’d find them drinking in bars and getting into brawls. I hope every member of both the involved gangs loses their right to own s gun.

      • That’s kind of a nasty way to speak about someone who’s just passed away. Think about keeping some of your comments to yourself.

      • Jackie– while I agree with the general concept of your comment, I feel you could be a little more tactful. Especially since we are talking about a deceased individual–
        For instance , not all of them are “chain smoking fools” ( maybe only 90 %)
        and perhaps on the same thread, not all of them are “losers”.
        And yes there are groups ” on the island for people to feel a sense of belonging, brotherhood, and doing actual good for the community” but they are following fairy tails, and at some point could turn violent– killing people in the name of your god seems to have some historical precedent after all.

  2. Why exactly do you call them low lifes you dont know these people… you may not like their brotherhood but that’s not your business are they harming you or anything around you smh keep your comments to yourself

  3. Bunch of low life’s???? I’m sure that “low life” biker has done more for his community then you ever have. Last I checked. It’s a free country they will ride where ever they want.

  4. Excuse me but you just called people that just showed amazing support to a friend and someone from the island “low lifes”… That is their friend and family right there who where there for them children and his wife. They did not go over to the island and cause any trouble. They are also fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and hard working men. They have raised more money for charity and fundraisers in 1 year then you probably have in your entire life. Sorry they didnt have life handed to them and not living off mommy and daddy trust funds like you. To come on here and put down someone hope that makes you feel great. But god dont like ugly… you probably think you are better then others and more entitled. Now have a very blessed day i will pray for you.

  5. Wow talk about uneducated snobs…. who are you people to judge anyone? What makes you better than anyone else? I’ll tell you….nothing does.

  6. I am so upset over the general comments left by the rude public who doesn’t see the big picture here. Your more concerned over talking down at the bikers paying tribute to a young man who defended what he died for leaving behind his wife and children and family and friends. Lets ask this witch one of use go into your rich pockets and have fundraisers for cancer victiums or children or domestic abuse or fire victiums so on and so on??? I’ll wait???? Those bikers your downing run several events for people in need raising thousands of dollars to help others yearly. I know because I contribute and cook and donate to raffles endlessly. They are not a gang but a motorcycle club that was attacked and when attacked you what??? Protect your own!!!! Many of those bikers run businesses and also come from money yet you pass judgement for the vest they ware. You sit in your snobby circles and judge yet are your families perfect or is there hidden issues not revealed??? A man is dead “Murdered ” and use through Criticism instead of comfort or support… his children are broken and you try to trash his honor or name. Understand this it could be one of you who looses a loved one or is sitting in public and gets killed because of a loosers actions. Karma see’s all. But the people your judging are non Prejudice of their support that they endlessly give. You all should be ashamed!!!!!! Pathetic!!!!

  7. These bikers that came from near and far to pay homage to they’re fallen brother are human beings like the rest of us. I know they look rough but they are a bunch of good men! Some have fought for our country some have beautiful families some have amazing careers but like all of us they have a past and like all of us they are human. I know they do amazing things for fundraising. The red stocking fund the toys for tots and for families in need. The biker community will always be there when in need!!! As for the comments degrading these men, shame on them! I Love them all!

  8. @ jakie above,

    First and foremost being a chainsmoker is irrelevant to anything. It clearly says bikers not “gangs”. It also says in this article that there were 100’s of mourners that included bikers from a motorcycle club. Again not a gang. Eric owned his own company and was also a firefighter on the island. Where im sure if you were in trouble he would be there to help. Also in addition to the friends and brotherhood you speak of, do some research before you write some senseless words. They have helped 100’s of familys, friends and sometimes strangers. Benifits, fundraisers and out of pocket money& gifts. All to help someone so tell me why are they soo bad. Maybe because you have not had the opportunity to meet those beautiful people. And to set the record straight do a search on my dear friend. He helped people not only on the island but everywhere he went. So to sum everything up there is no “gangs” there were only a loving family and friends that enjoyed riding bikes together. Why dont you read the beautiful words from the artical “Dying for something is a life worth living” WBSM news. I leave you with prayers for … not understanding “our kind” of people?‍♀️

    • mind ur business– read the article again ( if you even read it )
      The article states : “Court records indicate that Voshell, a member of the Hell’s Angels affiliate The Sidewinders, was killed during a fight with a rival motorcycle gang known as The Outlaws.”
      I think the Hell’s angels and their affiliates would be considered a “gang”.
      Also, do you wonder why there was such a “heavy police presence” at this funeral ?

  9. I find it very sad that some people have chosen to be negative when a man has died. In today’s world can’t we find some space to forgive others that are different than ourselves? Perhaps consider his wife and two girls and instead of writing horrid comments about a man we did not know, maybe, just maybe, send heartfelt thoughts to those he left behind.

  10. I remember when a young woman who was drunk and doing about 80 on the edgartown rd. ,hit a van
    that was being driven by an unlicensed Brazilian driver. She died and the driver of the van and his passenger were seriously injured. Although the Brazilian driver was in no way at fault, the comments here showed no mercy to him– I suspect that if Mr. Voshell were black, Hispanic or Brazilian, there would be plenty of negative comments about his role in this tragic incident.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  11. Everyone has something, but every time you put down, knock down, or talk down about or to another person, your something gets bigger. Rather be in a group of straight up no hiding bikers, then key board bullies.

  12. Newsflash people, it’s not YOUR island. Most of us were Massachusetts taxpayers, with Mass Licenses and registrations, and employees or business owners in Massachusetts who have JUST as much right to be there as you unfriendly people do. Matter of fact the Vineyard MAY just become my new place to ride my bike in the summer, because I know how much it offends your delicate sensibilities. Only Ill be bringing my necessities like cigarettes (so I can chain smoke) and my beer (because why not?) from America, and not contributing a dime to your economy. Because we may be “chain smoking fools” and “lowlifes” but we don’t hide our nastiness behind a fake veneer of civility, and we absolutely take care of our own… In all my 57 years, Ive never been met with such nastiness for attending a funeral. You people should be ashamed. Im going to have to stop reading your little ‘newspaper’ because I find the people of MV, at least the ones on this thread, EXTREMELY nasty and Im trying (with difficulty) to be the better man. Insulting our bikes, our clubs, our ‘smoking’? Thats one thing, insulting a brother, son, father, husband, & firefighter that just tragically passed away from something beyond his control because YOU don’t like bikes or motorcycle clubs is morally reprehensible. I hope it never happens to you, because we wont be there to honor you and Karma is a…..

  13. He who is without sin, let him be the first to cast the first stone.
    I went and joined so I could comment. The problem today is everyone has a “son’s of anarchy” mentally. It shows how ignorant you people are. You wonder why people do not like bikers. It is show right here! A biker could payoff you over priced house that you bought just to try to show that you are someone, as soon as you took his money, you would talk so much bad smack about him on how he looks, what he rides and what a low life he is.
    A man has died where is your resecpt? Why are all bikers low life’s? Does that inculde your neighbors who bought the $40,000 Harley that’s only taken out. maybe at the most 1 day a month around the block just to show the Jones’s that he is one up on them?
    In our world the number one thing that is learned is…TO GET RESPECT, YOU MUST GIVE RESPECT!! If only the rest of the world would live like that. A lot of these comments prove this point!
    Listen to this and maybe you will see…
    Voshell this is for you

  14. I live here and am absolutely disgusted by the nasty holier than thou comments about our friend who passed, and our friends and family who came from far and wide to pay their respect.
    People who judge others for ‘chain smoking, riding bikes, or being in a motorcycle club’ – have no business on this Island. The REAL people of this Island always respect and accept EVERYONE regardless of their personal business. Seems to me there is a little envy going on. The nasty commenters about E & his mourners probably have no sense of what family, brotherhood, community, respect and loyalty are about. Real friends stick together. Always have. Always will.
    Your negative idea of ‘gang’ comes from your media and tv bred mindset.
    I feel sorry for you.

    • eleven luna– islanders respect “everybody”? Right- some do, some don’t. Ask the Brazilian community how much respect they get.

  15. It doesn’t come from tv, it comes from the fact that every article has mentioned a connection to Hell’s Angels, a “one-percent motorcycle club”, which is a reference to their self-described outlaw status. They’ve been banned in at least one country and connected to numerous crimes in the U.S., as have similar biker gangs. The FBI data is at the ready for anyone interested. This article alone mentioned that our local officers and State police had to take time out of their day, which is time away from other issues, to oversee this funeral. That is not the norm for a funeral, and yet some people can’t understand why criminal activity has been brought up or why some posters are uncomfortable? Is outlaw not synonymous with lowlife? If those particular bikers don’t like the term, maybe they should stop using it to describe themselves. Gangs are not safe. This was a gang-related incident. Of course there will be concerns for safety. If you want to be petty and ride around the island with your off-island beer, have at it. (Drinking and driving is still illegal, but I guess we’re ignoring that and any other public danger in this thread.) But we have a right to be concerned when our police are being asked to attend a funeral. There is a REASON they were asked to be there, and it’s not because this man was part of some innocent club.

    • Exactly, Aquinnah. This was a gang related incident that ended in gun violence and murder, something no real islander wants here. Sincere condolences to family.

      • Jackie, even though you think clearly on this subject, does it not surprise you that you get attacked? They don’t attack your logic, they attack you. Maybe you might attack the merits of my arguments instead of simply citing “” old evangelicals and christian deniers”” and all the other ad hominem you slap at me. Even when I support Israel you segue into some specific narrative that questions my motives.”” Evangelical right wing Christian””. is ok but say “”left wing secular Jew”” is not ok?

        • Andrew– how about the time you called a group of my friends “kool aid drinking socialist” because they posted a letter against the citizens united ruling . I guess it’s ok for old evangelical right wing christians to call people names and insult them but not liberals with some morals that don’t want biker gangs on the island ?

        • Truth to power, Andrew. I don’t feel personally attacked by reactions when I speak out against what is hypocritical, pretentious, dishonest, dangerous, and immoral. I see what I see. I would no more wonder why I got the responses from gang members whose group behavior contributed to a tragic murder, than I would about responses from fake-Christian Evangelicals who repeatedly prove themselves the opposite of what they themselves say it means to be Christian. If you object so much to someone daring to notice the damaging, disconnected, and immoral hypocrisy of the evangelicals and religious right, perhaps it’s time to rethink exactly what you stand up for, defend, and support, or worse, what you dare to keep silent about. It’s one thing when someone pretends they are “pro-life”, for expample, but quite another when they support and defend government policies that separate (brown) children from their parents and/or keep them in cages. Perhaps if you were more honest and sure about why you defend the amorality of Trump and his policies, you would, like me, not wonder too much about or be at all bothered by “attacking” reactions from those whose have opinions that are, at core, dishonest, ignoble, and pretentious.

  16. I would like to point out a reality. The article says he was a member of a biker “gang”. Some commenters here refer to the bikers here this weekend as his “family” — that means they are gang members also– that’s the way gangs bond. Does anyone actually think we were not “invaded” this weekend by a lot of gang members? Not every biker there was a gang member I am sure, and there were probably some that didn’t have guns, but like it or not, this was a group of dangerous people.
    Thanks to the police for their vigilance and watchful eye during this event.

  17. The Sidewinders (Voshell’s gang) have been connected to plenty of crime in the Fall River area. Yet the descriptions here of a “fallen brother” come about one step away from stolen valor. This wasn’t a hero’s death. It was senseless, pointless, and preventable. He chose to associate with criminals, and those criminals have enemies that are also criminals. I’m sure not every person who rides a bike is a criminal, but the fact is that the groups involved in this case are, hence police assistance. I don’t see what is kind or loving about encouraging that to continue or denying it happened. These “clubs” should be illegal everywhere. These outcomes are inevitable, and next time an innocent person could get wrapped up in the violence. I don’t want to see that happen on the island, in Fall River, or anywhere else.

  18. Eric was a great guy,you can all comment on your negative thoughts about him.But if you knew him you would think differently.I wish half of you were one piece of him.

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