Meeting House Place decision postponed again


The Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) has once again postponed its deliberation and decision on the 54-acre Edgartown subdivision project dubbed Meeting House Place.

A decision was set to be made by the full commission on Oct. 10, but the meeting was canceled due to quorum issues, according to the MVC website. This is the second time that consideration of the proposal has been delayed.

The MVC’s Land Use Planning Committee voted to recommend the full commission deny the controversial project — one of the largest the MVC has reviewed. Commissioners felt the Island does not need the proposed 28 4,800-square-foot homes with added garages.


  1. The dreamers are hoping the developers will donate this property to conservation. And maybe Trump will become a Democrat.

  2. Trump is going to build 550 new houses in Scotland. Im glad he didnt own a golf course here.

  3. One third of the island is undeveloped. To draw a line in the sand saying no more development will make these properties worthless and the price of the developed land will skyrocket. We all (including MVC commissioners) live in homes that somebody probably would have been happier if they hadn’t been built.

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