Michelle Obama surprises students at the Edgartown library

First Lady’s visit is likely to fuel speculation about home purchase on-Island.

Michelle Obama with Herb Foster, left, and Edgartown Public Library director Lisa Sherman. Courtesy Edgartown library.

Every day after school, a group of students from the Edgartown School walk next door to the town library for afterschool programming. But Friday was an afternoon for the books.

At around 4 pm, Michelle Obama showed up.

“We were going about our normal business, and then a woman walked in and said, ‘Who would like to meet Mrs. Obama?’” said Lisa Sherman, director of the Edgartown Public Library.

“She surprised everyone,” circulation assistant Chris Look added.

During her half-hour visit, Michelle was accompanied by personal assistants, Secret Service, her mother, Marian Shields Robinson, and others.

According to Look, the former First Lady heard the library was a fan of her book, “Becoming.” “With her having a house here, I’m assuming she was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by,” Look said. Michelle and President Barack Obama are rumored to have bought Wyc Grousbeck’s estate on Turkeyland Cove in Edgartown.

“Everyone was really excited,” Look said. “All the kids were asking her questions. She had a smile on the whole time. It seemed like she was enjoying herself too.”

“Some of the kids were sobbing,” Sherman reflected. “They were stunned. They couldn’t believe she was in front of them … I couldn’t believe it either.”

According to Sherman, Michelle encouraged everyone in the room to keep reading, writing, learning, and supporting each other.

“She came right up to me and said, ‘Hi Lisa, it’s so nice to meet you. Keep doing what you’re doing,’ And then she gave me a big hug,” Sherman said.

At the end of the visit, Michelle jumped in for a group photo with the 20-plus kids who attend the library’s afterschool program.

“She signed a copy of our book, which was really cool,” Look said.

“Out of all of the libraries in the world, she came to ours,” Sherman said. “Our little library. I’m so proud of that.”


  1. Im shocked too. Next they will show up for the wednesday night movie. Adults only. They can put out a few more chairs.

      • You forgot that her parents and sister became citizens through “chain migration” as a result of her comical “Einstein Visa.”

        • Actually, SHE became a citizen through the Einstein Visa and then sponsored her parents. She lies about about everything, including her abilities, her education, and her (lack of) talents and lets her handers promote those lies. She was not a successful, top model when she met Trump– but rather a 3rd rate model, or should i say, a third grade model? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43256318

      • Yes, at least Melania chose a brilliant First Lady to plagiarize. She went straight to the best. After all, be best when you plagiarize!

          • If you are insinuating that Michelle Obama ever plagiariazed, of course I don’t remember, Local Opine– because it never happened. Trump supporters have to lie about Melania Trump because she is uneducated and does not speak 5 languages (needs interpreters in every foreign country she visits, including France and Italy, even though she claims to speak French and Italian), and she cheats her way in the world by plagiarizing. No one should be ashamed of not having much of an education, but they should be ashamed of lying about it on their official website. Unlike Melania, who needs to lie and cheat to get the respect she feels she deserves, Michelle Obama does not lower herself to those kinds of standards because she has nothing to prove to get the respect and admiration she deserves. Melania Trump has proven herself of the same low character and poor moral and ethical standards as her husband, whether she’s lying about Obama’s place of birth, or stealing Michelle Obama’s words as her own. She’s a cheater and a liar. Do you remember when republicans went nuts over Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress, but stayed silent over Melania’s lesbian soft-porn phots? Of course not! But I do.

          • opine— I found nothing about Michelle ever plagerising anything. If you have something, please tell us. If not, George should delete your unsubstantiated insinuated lie , given his recent post about honesty.

  2. “Some of the kids were sobbing,” Sherman reflected. “They were stunned. They couldn’t believe she was in front of them … I couldn’t believe it either.” What kiind of society have we become when innocent children are reduced to hysterics at the sight of another human being?

    • Where you been? This has been going on for decades. Remember when the Beatles first came to the States? Or the Stones?

    • Alice– First let me ask you if you really think the word “hysterics” is appropriate here.
      Have you never seen children show emotion when they meet a popular sports figure or musician that they look up to and respect ?
      Second , let me ask you about why you think these are “innocent children”.
      If you want to see innocent children reduced to hysterics at the sight of another human being, take a look at the reaction of truly innocent child refugees reacting to being taken away from their mother by ICE agents.
      give us a break.

      • Im sure this link is real Don. It dont help your case that the photo of the kid in a cage was actually a kid holding a barrier at a Dallas protest. I fact check everything with snopes.

        • red sox–good that you fact check with snopes– I use it often .
          but I am a bit confused about the “kid in the cage” photo. I did not link to a kid in a cage.. my link above is of a 2 year old girl crying as her mother is detained. no kid in a cage.

        • opine– I can see why you don’t want no childen to reed and be educated.
          As trump hisself sed, he luve’s thems under edjucated votars.
          When I went to church as an ” innocent and impressionable child” the masses were in Latin. I had no idea what they were saying, I just knew god was watching everything I did, and could kill me at any time, and send me to hell for eternity. Indoctrination , indeed.
          You can put you kid in church and learn all about true fear, but some people actually want their children to have a well rounded and relevant education.
          And that is not an “anti American” trait.

          • Fielding — I think Opine’s comment stands for itself as a testimony to the right’s hatred for actual education based on facts and science. We have many cases throughout history where the rise of totalitarianism and dictatorships is preceded by the derogation of “elitist intellectuals” , and book burning, etc.
            Darkness fears the light of intellectualism .

  3. Holy cow!!! This is amazing to read some of these comments.
    These kids would be “sobbing” and be 500 times more “hysterical” if Justin Bieber walked thru the door! What would have been impressive is to see her arrive by electric car or bicycle so she can do her part to save the world’s climate. Oh btw dondon those illegal immigrant mothers knew what they were getting their child/children into when they decided to illegally cross our border.

    • moved— are you mistaking people who come to our border legally seeking asylum for illegal drug smugglers or something like that ? It is not a crime to legally seek asylum in the United states.
      it is illegal to separate children from their parents and ship them into foster care with no idea where they are going or where they wound up. It is also disgraceful, inhumane, unethical and likely a crime against humanity.

  4. Michelle uses her celebrity to try and make the world a better place. But shouldn’t we just layoff Melania. She’s not President. Regardless of what her shortcomings are, the problem is her husband.

    • T2,while I agree Melanias husband is her problem,but plenty of people were taking shots at Michelle when her husband was president. And continue to do so.

      • Fielding– and how about Bill Clinton’s wife? — I can’t remember if anybody ever criticized her for anything…

      • I know but why sink to their level. Whatever you think of the Obamas politics, its hard to argue that they did not treat each of their roles with the appropriate dignity. I am still a believer in “when they go low, we go high”.

        • It’s important not to overlook lies, racism and cheating by trying to be nice. I also prefer “going high”, but not when doing so abets the lies and corruption of the Trumps– In fact, if someone tried to compliment Don, Jr or Ivanka on these pages, I will not “go high”. Melania has a disgraceful history of lies and has shown herself undeserving of compliments, except mabye for her clothes (which are styled for her).

  5. George, thank you for publishing my comment. The insidious effect of hysteria, a term used to describe emotional excess, is known to be a learned behavior, as amply demonstrated by Fielding Mellish; remember “the Beatles” and “the Stones?”, and Salt; “the Beatles and Elvis?”, and Moved to Maine; “Justin Bieber”. There can be no doubt hysterical children learn this behavior from their grand parents, parents, and the surrounding culture via the media, whose business is selling ‘news’. Local Opine is correct, indoctrination does start with the children, and innocent children can be made to respond in hysterics. Learning begins at home.

  6. T2 agreed. People pick on Melania because she’s an easy target, a woman and therefore vulnerable to slut shaming. I couldn’t tolerate a man like her husband as my husband, and not do anything about it but each to their own …

    • Alice, people don’t “pick on Melania”, at least, I don’t. Rather, I don’t let false statements about her go unchecked. What is there about Melania to compliment, as Islander wanted to do above in an article about Michelle Obama? Mrs. Obama has earned every bit of admiration, love and respect most people feel for her. Melania is responsible for her lies, like cheating on her citizen application and pretending she has some outstanding ability. Why blame those who object to her cheating and lying? Actually, I would have no reason to say a word about her, except when people try to make her out to be someone she is not, a person worthy of respect. Why would I or anyone else stay silent when someone tries to pretend that a liar and a cheat is worthy of admiration? If I felt that way, I might as well support her corrupt husband, knowing full well how corrupt he is.

    • Considering the amount of power he has and that he goes after anyone who so much as criticizes his hair, I doubt his wife has any options at this point. She kinda has to stand by him and stay silent. If she tried to leave or spoke out against him, that would likely be the last time he would allow her to see her son. He’s that kind of upstanding guy. I don’t feel particularly sorry for her, given the way they got together, but I do feel for their child and acknowledge she is stuck with the man now. She really has no safe way out.

      • aquinah– you are correct about Melania’s situation –according to trump’s lawyers, he could beat her to death with his tiny bare fists, and not be charged.

    • Alice– Melania is not vulnerable to “slut shaming” because she is a woman. She is vulnerable to “slut shaming” because she made a career out of publishing pictures of herself nude, posing in suggestive and provocative ways. And, actually, I don’t see much in the line of that kind of criticism. She more often is criticized for lying, pretending to be something she is not, and the manner in which she got into the country. And what can you say about a first lady , who on her way to visit detention centers holding children who were separated from their parents, wears a jacket that says “I don’t really care” ?

    • What are you talking about? You brought up slut shaming and no one here has done that. It’s a fact FLOTUS posed nude and in lesbian soft porn photos. Why is it slut shaming to be honest about her work history that isn’t admirable, by most people’s standards. If you don’t like reality, that’s your issue, not Don’s. And you’re fine with Melania lying and cheating? Trying to victimize a very dishonest— and racist— person is not a good look. Melania is nobody’s victim.

    • Alice, I don’t know that it counts as slut-shaming to bring up her photos. Maybe sometimes, if done in a really crude way? But I think we have to take into account that Trump put himself out there as the face of a party that champions a return to old-fashioned values. That actually seeks to limit the rights of minorities based on these supposed values. Meanwhile, his past doesn’t mesh with that platform. Neither does his wife’s. So I feel it’s understandable if people want to comment on the discrepancy, even though Melania’s modeling days don’t offend me personally. Her husband has said 8,673 offensive things in the last month alone. I’m too burnt out on that to care about nudity. ?

      The most sexist/unfair criticism I’ve seen of her is the same type that all first ladies receive, unfortunately. The press will obsess over her clothes to no end. She didn’t wear the right shoes. Let’s make a federal case out of high heels. Michelle’s dress was sleeveless. The horror. Hilary’s wearing pants again rather than a skirt. Meanwhile, real things are happening that need our attention. I don’t think that’s a partisan issue. It’s just symptomatic of how we treat women in general.

    • Alice– Thank you for posting an article about an important topic. I read it ,and I understand it. I fully agree that slut shaming of women is an issue that should not be tolerated, especially the type of women portrayed in your post.
      However , the term is in the vernacular of our society for a reason. Teen age girls who choose to wear clothing that some may think is inappropriate is not, in my opinion, a reason target them with slut shaming. However, if you make a career out of soft pornography, and images of yourself doing sexually suggestive things are widely available the the majority of people living on earth, it may be appropriate. I personally have never slut shamed her, and I am not now, nor will I in the future– Your article sets the boundaries. But you Alice, have brought this up in an apparent attempt to turn the tables somehow, and take away from the accomplishments of a truly remarkable person. — That being Michelle– Jackie is correct– ” Melania is nobody’s victim.”

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