Oak Bluffs: Scallop season, holiday season, hunting season


Scallop season, holiday season, and, my least favorite, hunting season have all started with this winter season. Many in my family are avid hunters, and use whatever they manage to bring down. I could write a book about some of the hunting stories that have been passed down over the years, with many of the participants being family friends and very close relatives. So I will not criticize anyone’s choice, but wish them a safe and good hunt. The rain we are having this week does not add to anyone’s comfort, whether hunting or working, and as I am writing this on Monday, the prediction is for snow for a brief period on Tuesday, so just in case, keep the snow shovels and ice melt handy. And please don’t forget to feed the birds.

December birthday celebrations and Christmas luncheon will be held at our Oak Bluffs Council on Aging building on Thursday, Dec. 5. The monthly men’s and women’s luncheon will be held as a holiday celebration, and helping to serve the delicious food at the luncheon, as usual, will be Oak Bluffs Police Chief Erik Blake, assisted by other officers of the police department. As usual, the luncheon will be delicious, and the camaraderie great. Members of the Senior Center birthday club who will be observing their December birthdays are Linda Smith Murray on Dec. 7th, Rose Cogliano, also on the 7th, Liz Fauteux on the 14th, and Muriel O’Rourke on the 27th.

The Senior Bowling on Wednesdays continues at the Barn, and Oak Bluffs seniors who wish to participate in this activity will be able to do so for $10 instead of the usual cost of $20, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Oak Bluffs COA. 

Time for the All-Island Elementary Schools’ Winter Band Concert, which will cheer you up in these somewhat darker winter days. The concert will be held at the Performing Arts Center at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School at 8 pm on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 8 pm. Come and enjoy some music performed by these talented students.

We send sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bill Ingraham Jr. A kind, well-loved husband, father, grandfather, and business proprietor, he will be missed by not only family but friends and customers as well.

The death of Shirley Robinson brings sorrow not only to her large extended family, but to generations of youth whom Shirley guided not only during her tenure as director of the former Youth Center in Vineyard Haven, but throughout many years of the members’ lives. She was loved and admired throughout the Island and beyond for her honest and devoted leadership that was never forgotten throughout the years. We are so sorry.

The First Congregational Church of West Tisbury will hold their annual Christmas Faire on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. You will find handcrafted holiday decorations and gifts; homemade baked goods for gifts or entertaining will also be available. Lunch will be served at 11:30 am, and there will also be raffle tickets for a Christmas basket. This is a fundraiser to support the good work of the church in our Island community. The church is also inviting children ages 5 to 12 to participate in the annual church Christmas Pageant at the Ag Hall on Dec. 24 at 5 pm. There will be approximately four one-hour rehearsals from Dec. 16 to 23. The deadline to register your children is Dec. 13. To register, send an email to fccowt.pageant@gmail.com. People of all faiths or no faith are welcome to participate, and attending the church is not a prerequisite. The pageant itself is part of the Christmas Eve service.

Good Shepherd Parish is looking for a few good people to help with Good Shepherd Parish Community Suppers. We need your support to assist with the cleanup operation following the Thursday evening meal. The suppers run from January through mid-April. Please let us know how you can help. For more info, please contact Mary Ellen Larsen at melarsen1103@gmail.com, or 508-693-1103. The annual Christmas Tea at St. Augustine’s Hall will be on Sunday, Dec. 8, from 1 to 4 pm. Entrance is $5 for adults, and children are free. There will be theme baskets, 50/50 raffle Christmas centerpieces, and grab bags for the children. Come and enjoy this afternoon of fun.

We send birthday smiles to James Hakenson on Dec. 6, Mary MacDonald, Lynn Rebello, Francis Bernard, and Rose Cogliano on Dec. 7, Vance Campbell on the 8th, Tyler Araujo on the 9th, Tony Maseda and Patrick Parker on the 10th, and Chuck Lehman, Jenna Gossen, and my great-grandson Isaiah Geddis on Dec. 12. Please remember Pearl Harbor Day on Dec. 7.

Enjoy your week. Peace.