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2019 lessons and reflections, and 2020 hopes

Darlene and Antônio Honorato and their three children, Ana Carolina, Gustavo, and Gabriela Honorato, who are finally reunited for the holiday season after 14 years and 10 months. —Darlene Honorato

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For my last column of the year, I asked some members of the Brazilian community to tell me about something that happened in 2019 that made them reflect, a lesson they learned, and what was something they were hoping for in 2020. I had the pleasure of talking with many folks and hearing their joy through the phone, but they also would like me to write that most of them were caught by surprise, and didn’t quite know how to articulate as they were grocery shopping, working, and going about their days. I believe that asking these types of questions unexpectedly produces the best answers. 

Symon de Souza, junior at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

I started to think about life and what I could do to better myself so I can prepare for the future. I have learned how to save money and how important it is to save money. I hope that I can be happy and get more money in 2020.

Anna Luiza Rodrigues, junior at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

Something that happened to me this year and that I wasn’t planning on was starting my first relationship, and I learned not to judge people, especially when you don’t know them, and hope that in 2020 I have a good school year and that I am healthy.

Samara Lara Assis de Oliveira, 7 years old, an Edgartown School student 

In 2019, I learned how to make cookies, and I hope I will get to visit Brazil in 2020.

Marivaldo Araújo Silva, Edgartown resident

I am part of the leadership of the Bible School of the church where I am a member, and this year, a few months ago, I started teaching together with other people. I thought that I couldn’t do it because I had never taught before. But it has been a fulfilling challenge, and it also helped me to grow my relationship with my God. We cannot think that we are not able to perform something that we are determined to do. I hope with God’s help, that we have much health, peace, and that my family can realize a dream that we have been dreaming for quite some time — but who knows, it might still happen this year, as 2019 is not over yet.

Darlene Honorato, Tisbury resident, a nail technician

I received one of the most significant gifts of my life in 2019. I finally got to see my daughter, whom I hadn’t seen in 14 years and 10 months. I get to live the dream of having my three children with me. In 2019, I learned never to give up, and in 2020, I hope to remain teachable.

Diego Rainha, Tisbury resident, carpenter

In 2019, I learned the value of friendships, especially when you are away from family and living in a new country. In 2020, I hope that something related to immigration becomes available. I believe that is the hope for any immigrant.

Rayssa Lauer Milbratz, Edgartown resident, bookkeeper

In 2019, I become a mother, and with all that happens when you welcome a child, in particular all the vulnerable moments that life forces you to succumb to, I learned compassion. This whole process has taught me to feel others’ pains. The only thing that comes to mind for 2020 is peace for everyone; we all need it.

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