Oak Bluffs

Jan. 2, 2020 and here you are reading this column, the first one for the year 2020, which I am writing on Thursday, Dec. 26, because of an early deadline. Doesn’t that date seem like something out of science fiction? But it is real, not fiction, and now we can start fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions. Mine are not resolutions but wishes that people would be kinder to each other, more patient, more helpful, and less judgmental. Those are my goals for this brand new year. How do you want to make 2020 a better year?

Some good news is that the flooding problem by Trade Winds Park on County Road seems to have been successfully solved. Even the monsoon-like rains that we have had over the past months did not result in swimming pool-size puddles that prevented many of us to continue along the road. Good job everyone. And the noise of power saws in and around the neighborhood was Eversource workers trimming branches and trees away from the power lines to hopefully prevent power outages from fallen trees or branches.

2019 brought some happy times but also some loses of those we were close to. We shall miss these neighbors and friends from Oak Bluffs: Ruth Metell, Will Farrissey, Joan Glodis, Jim Cage III, Erica Ponte, David (Gibby) Knauf, John Campos Jr., Shirley Robinson, Bill Ingraham Jr., Evelyn Debettencout, Emily Scott, Maureen Anderson, Dale Morgan, Eric Voshell, Evamae Magee, Robert Lucas Jr., Lal Dowley, Nancy Porta, Primo Lombardi, and Anita Combra. You have left empty spaces in our town and our hearts.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary is marking the 50th anniversary of its establishment as a wildlife sanctuary with a series of celebratory events that commenced this December and will be extending through November 2020.The yearlong celebration and events will help provide support and maintain long term staffing, greening of the Felix Neck facilities, expansions of Climate Education Initiatives, and offers access to all to Felix Neck properties and programs. For more information on Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary and the 50th anniversary events at Felix Neck, visit massaudubon.org/felixneck.

We send belated birthday smiles to Sonya Lima on Dec. 28, Jen Araujo and Michelle Bettencourt on Jan. 2, Nola Mavro, Chris Alley, and Nicole deBettencourt on Jan. 3, Adam deBettencourt on the 4th, Kate Feiffer and Jules BenDavid on the 5th, and Michael Araujo on the 6th. 

Enjoy your week and your new year. Peace.