Martha’s Vineyard’s women take over


It is the year 2050, and the sons we mothers nurtured and raised have accepted the intelligence of women; they listen to us and bask in the glory of Mother’s advice. They eat their vegetables; they meditate. We have taught them that co-operation makes for better solutions than competition.

Like the bonobo apes, we finally have a peaceful, co-operative way of life.

It was difficult at first. Taking control from the menfolk wasn’t easy. Who in their right mind wants to give up power? They did their best to hold on to it, but their leadership back in the 2020s brought the nation, and by extension, Martha’s Vineyard, to a disastrous precipice. Big media (which was run by men) published information which was “safe” for big business and the industrialist. Making a profit or scoring high ratings was the name of the game. Oh, there were a few women who were shouting as loudly as they could about how things really were, but they were scorned, ridiculed, and outshouted by the billionaires.

At one point, things bottomed out. The leader of the Western world could do no wrong. He had a cult following which obeyed his every word. 

Like the second law of thermodynamics, when a system has too much control of itself, entropy (disorder) occurs. The political system at that time had so much control over itself, so much matter moved so freely, that eventually total chaos took over, and it collapsed. 

When it did, the women took over. At first, they were embarrassed by their feminine instincts, and tried to act just like their male counterparts. There was improvement, but it was minuscule. They still resorted to labeling. They labeled movements, they labeled people. Then a new breed of women took over: the women of Martha’s Vineyard. They removed labeling from their thoughts. No person or movement should be prejudged. Because people thought one way on one issue was no reason why they should think the same on every issue. People were not pushed into a position from which they could not budge. They were kind and gentle, and not afraid to show their softness. These women eschewed political alliances. They formed committees to work for the greater good of the project, not the party.

The women of Martha’s Vineyard made decisions in concert after receiving all of the information without censorship, and without a hidden agenda. True, sometimes they would make a mistake, which is something the men could never do. When they did make a mistake, there was no blame, so it was easy to go back, see the problem, and fix it.

 It is said that compromise is when nobody gets what they want. Vineyard women made sure that everybody got what they wanted because they all want the same thing: what’s best for the Island.


  1. ????????? Lean on a boat to much it is bound to sink. There are amazing people on the planet without using gender to lift themselves….are these “island women”, who’s crystal ball idea this essay leans, have children with the opposite sex, seeking a prominent matriarchy? having children, divorce, take houses women? “Give up power”, as if only one is held to hold “power”? It takes 2 too Tango. Equally respected.

    • Truxton, while I’m not personally into any gender ruling over everyone, it’s pretty funny to watch you freak out at the mere thought of a fictionalized matriarchy, knowing women have had to live in, like, actual patriarchal societies for thousands of years.

  2. This hypocrisy leaves such ideology dead on arrival. ” No person or movement should be prejudged.” Well, of course, unless your a man.

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