Friday, January 28, 2022
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Christmas again

When I was a child, my mother and I used to get our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. We took the straggly ones that...

Celebrate Juneteenth? I don’t get it

This week President Biden made Juneteenth an official national holiday. That means you get the day off from work, the Post Offices are closed,...

Martha’s Vineyard’s women take over

It is the year 2050, and the sons we mothers nurtured and raised have accepted the intelligence of women; they listen to us and...

Hot and cold on the way to old

According to Marty Nadler’s grandmother, when asked why she went to Florida in the winter: “Old and cold don’t mix.” I had no idea how...

An aura of friendliness at M.V. Museum

There is something about museums which can be a tad foreboding. The very word “museum” makes you yawn and think of excuses to stay...

Megyn Kelly ruined Halloween for all of us

Halloween was one of the few holidays when you could have a good time, run around the neighborhood without your parents, and eat enough...

Columbus is no one to celebrate

The second Monday in October, Columbus Day, is coming up. Italians all over America are gearing up for parades and festivities in honor of...

Meeting a Queen and a King

In 1959, Lenny and I ran away to Detroit to get married. My father drove us. He thought we were going to be interviewed...

Did you watch the wedding?

I woke up just a tad before 5 am to watch the fairy tale wedding of people I don’t know, in a country my...

Martin Luther King Jr.: Don’t let his sacrifice be for naught

Back in the 1960s when Martin Luther King Jr. was visiting the Island, my Aunt Dorothy came banging on my door. Dr. King was...

After Charlottesville

On Martha’s Vineyard, where the care, education, and rearing of the piping plover is one of the more important, radical, and divisive events, one...

Eyes finally opened

Update Aug. 8 Abigail McGrath is a resident of Oak Bluffs.  I saw the James Baldwin film, “I Am Not Your Negro,” a biopic, directed by...