Don’t close the dump


To the Editor:

Today, while I was at the West Tisbury dump, I heard that the West Tisbury dump is going to close, as well as the Chilmark dump. I was told that the reason for the possible dump closure is that a summer resident suffered an injury while at the dump. He slipped and twisted his ankle. So instead of closing the dump, why not fix the problem where the injury occurred, instead of penalizing all the West Tisbury and Chilmark residents?

I have lived here for more than 30 years, and every week I go to the dump in West Tisbury; I would like to continue to do so. I do not want to drive to Edgartown to go to the dump.

What will happen to the Dumptique that so many residents rely on?

Please reconsider your decision.

As a risk manager by profession, it’s been my experience that one does not close a facility just because there is an accident. You investigate the accident, determine the root cause of the mishap, implement corrective measures, and then continue to operate the facility, monitoring what you implemented to determine its effectiveness. Can you imagine if a power plant was to be closed because they had several fall accidents? It does not make any sense. What you are considering is poor risk management.

In this case, you can do several things:

  • Put up signs warning people of the gap between the dumpster and where you stand (just like Amtrack does at some of its train stations),
  • Place narrow concrete barriers in front of the dumpsters to prevent anyone from stepping into the gap. The concrete barriers would also form an aid in raising your waste cans to ease the dumping process.

Please respond to this letter and reconsider your decision.

Klaus F. Broscheit
West Tisbury


  1. This was a thoughtful, helpful letter. Thank you for writing in. I love when people offer specific solutions to problems and hope they’ll take you seriously and implement these measures.

  2. So just double the traffic at Edgartown, especially in the summer??? I agree this is not a great idea to close Chilmark and W. Tis, If I say how I really feel about this, they won’t print my comment.
    EDGARTOWN IS BUSY ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! Don’t be foolish and close these other places.

  3. I would like to clarify, the dump is not slated for closure. There will be an article at town meeting in April discussing some major expenses to come at the Local Drop Off and the voters will be able to decide at that time if they wish to fund those expenses in order to keep the drop-off open, or NOT fund those projects, at which point there is a strong likelihood the drop off would be closed as a result. Nothing will happen without a vote first at town meeting. If you have any questions we are happy to discuss here in town hall at 508-696-0102 (Selectmen’s Office) or 508-696-0105 (Board of Health)

  4. I thought the “dump” employees were county employees? I guess we will see in April what the expenses are going to be.

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