A call for ecumenical prayer


To the Editor:
Violent attacks on houses of worship are rampant, and increasing at alarming rates. Vineyard houses of worship are not immune. We, of course, need to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our congregations. But equally important is the need for us to come together, irrespective of religion or denomination, to pray. We need to pray for protection of our sacred spaces, worshippers, and for spiritual intervention into the lives of those who commit violence against churches, synagogues, and mosques. There’s power in prayer, and there’s even greater power in collective prayer. In the face of this crisis, we cannot afford to remain unattached in our religious silos. We need one another’s support and strength.

Unfortunately, it’s not very common, especially here on the Island, that churches, synagogues, and mosques physically get together and pray, largely because of issues of logistics. But at the very least, we can designate a day and time when all Island houses of worship join in prayer from their respective places. For instance, we could all devote some time to pray, let’s say, from a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

After all, prayer is what houses of worship do. And God expects it.

Dr. Walter V. Collier, deacon
Apostolic House of Prayer, Oak Bluffs


  1. Walter–For years , in response to one school massacre after another, one random mass shooting after another, one house of worship shooting after another, one invasion, missile attack, drone strike,or terrorist attack after another, We repeatedly hear calls for “thoughts and prayers ” from our political and spiritual leaders. Quite frankly , the sentiment is nice, but it is not working.. If we did something different, like call our senators, surround the senate chamber in protest and demand meaningful and reasonable gun control laws, we might get somewhere. I respect that houses of worship pray, but if god is in charge here, no amount of prayer is going to change the murder rate.
    Changing the gun laws might.

  2. ”The almighty, everywhere present power of God, whereby, as it were, by his hand, he still upholds heaven and earth with all creatures and so governs them that herbs and grass, rain and drought, fruitful and barren years, meat and drink, health and sickness, riches and poverty, indeed, all things come not by chance, but by his fatherly hand.”

    • Andrew– you have quotes around your comment but you fail to attribute them to anyone.
      perhaps this quote came from  Jim Jones, an evangelical preacher, who led his “flock” to salvation in November of 1978 .
      or perhaps this quote was from David Koresch, an evangelical  christian prophet who led his “flock” to salvation in April 1993.
      Or perhaps , it’s a quote from any of a long line of ,murderous individuals that justify their actions in the name of god. Some examples:
      The crusaders
      Pol Pot
      Radovan Karadzic
      osama Bin Laden
      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
      George W Bush
      All these people invoked “god” as their justification to murder unfathomable numbers of innocent people.

  3. Andrew– so your god waves her ” [motherly] hand” and someone walks into a school and murders children. How are you ok with that?
    How is that better than than Allah “willing” the destruction of the twin towers, which you seen to not be ok with?

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