Construction planned for Obama property

Project calls for renovations, additions, and a firepit.

A front view of the property purchased by the Obamas. - Anthony Esposito

Newly minted Edgartown residents Barack and Michelle Obama are planning some renovations and additions to their Turkeyland Cove Road property.

According to a public notice posted by the town’s conservation commission, the project “involves the construction of an addition to an existing boathouse/gym, the enlargement of patios, the construction of a firepit, and related landscaping and site improvements.”

A hearing for the project’s notice of intent will be held on the second floor of Edgartown town hall on Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 5:15 pm.

A notice of intent was filed by Doug Hoehn of Schofield, Barbini & Hoehn Inc., a land surveying and civil engineering firm, on behalf of the 79 Turkeyland Cove Road Nominee Trust, but additional details were not available with the conservation commission.

Additionally, no permits have been filed with the town’s building department.

The Obamas closed on the 29-acre property in December for $11.75 million, purchasing it from Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck and ending months of speculation. The property had been on the market for $14.8 million, and was assessed at $15.1 million. The “Edgartown hideaway” is located on Edgartown Great Pond, and was purchased by the Grousbecks in 1998 for $3.1 million, according to town and county records.

The house is nearly 7,000 square feet, has 15 rooms, seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and one half-bath, according to the real estate listing.


  1. The guy still isn`t helping his own people I see. I also thought he always hated the guys with big bucks who never helped his own or the middle class.
    Whatever. Seems they all come here after their terms and is probably putting a additional addition for all the skeletons collected in 8+ years.
    However he came to the right place as both our papers will still give you him good press.

  2. Tis– sounds like you have a pretty bad case of ‘wealth envy”
    And what exactly do you mean by “his own people” ?
    Do you mean all Americans ?
    He after all is an American. Born here, and legitimately elected to be the president by both the popular vote and the electoral college —twice.
    Please forgive me if I am suspecting some underlying “dog whistle” in your comment.
    Please clarify what you mean by “his own people”
    thanks– I look forward to your reply.

  3. dondondon’ ”His own people” could mean other Democrats running for President or it could mean African American wages and unemployment during his tenure. It could be a dog whistle or it could be a cats meow. Or it could mean how much he helped lift up all Americans during his Presidency.

    • dondondon’ ”His own people” could mean other Democrats running for President i.e Crooked / Sleepy Joe. Stop being a troublemaker as usual.

      • Tis–yes, “his own people” could mean other democrats running for president.
        It could also mean christians, Americans, patriotic people who abide by the laws of the country , people who abide by and respect the constitution, work hard and respect other people. I think they would all be examples of “his people”. It seems to me that you in fact could very likely be one of them.
        or it could be a racially motivated negative comment —
        Unlike Andrew, I will not tell you what you were thinking when you wrote that.
        I am much more polite than that.
        I directly asked you what you meant. Could you just give me a straight, honest answer ? Only you know, after all.
        That’s not asking all that much is it ? Just be honest, and answer my question.

  4. It’s always good for the economy when folks do work around their house. Note to Andrew: I wouldn’t help Biden either

    • Biden would have us believe that he asked Obama to refrain from endorsing him because he wants to win on his own merits. Besides the tropetastic tale of Corn Pop, this may be his most transparent claim.

  5. The irony here is that shifty Schiff helped Biden lose big time. In going on about Trump ad nausea it bedeviled Biden. Biden is beaten like a rented mule. Sanders now ascendant which is what the Dems didnt want. Looks like a 77 year old white Billionaire is going to be top of the heap and AOC is livid. We await Hilary with baited breath while having fish for lunch.

  6. The obamas can do anything they want. Quarterly taxes were due on the first. That must have been a nice payment to the town. TY

    • Taxes to the town, that’s blood money ~ Remember “it all about the Video”?
      The Dems turned out to be the lying, corrupt, crooked bunch by far.
      Now that the “Games Over”, our president is totally Acquitted and seeing the dems all have funny, silly names they should start their own carnival and circus so we can throw water balloons and darts at them and laugh..
      I cant wait until this Friday to see how the garden lady spins this and I also cant wait until our 2020 election night to watch all the crying, screaming and hollering going on when our president Trump winds by a landslide, with the help of the dams! Hahahah
      What a fun next 4 years four years will be cant forget to mention all the previous administration`s crew going under intense investigations then filling all the cells that president Trump just emptied giving some of the crooks a second chance.
      Imaging all the foreclosures & short sales when they all have to unload all their island homes like they did to General Flynn!

      • I admit the Trump impeachment was as stupid as Clintons. I didnt waste time watching either one of them. Obama has been visiting for years about time they bought something.

  7. ‘Tis, you are clearly referring to black people when you say “ his own people.” Why not just admit it?

    Andrew, my god can you at least try to elevate the conversation intellectually? It’s ad nauseam, not “ad nausea.” And it’s bated breath, not “baited breath.” I sometimes wonder if your post are really coming straight from the White House.

  8. Mrs B nauseam is the accusative case of nausea and baited breath goes with the reference of fish for lunch. Get it?

  9. MrsB — FYI I was referring to to Sleepy Joe Biden and the dem party. Stop spinning your liberal views further dividing our country and our island! That is exactly what you are doing “Why not just admit it”?

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