Trump administration slow-walks Vineyard Wind


Vineyard Wind announced Tuesday that the U.S. Department of the Interior has delayed publication of a document key to the wind energy company’s first offshore project, Vineyard Wind 1.

“We have received updated information from the Department of Interior that indicates the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Vineyard Wind I project will be published later than what was previously anticipated,” Lars Pedersen, Vineyard Wind CEO, said in a statement. “While we need to analyze what a longer permitting timeline will mean for beginning construction, commercial operation in 2022 is no longer expected. We look forward to the clarity that will come with a final EIS so that Vineyard Wind can deliver this project to Massachusetts and kick off the new U.S. offshore energy industry.”

The delay marks another setback for the 84-turbine project, following a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announcement in July that it would be putting the project under further review, and a permit defeat of its Muskeget Channel export cable project by the Edgartown conservation commission. Vineyard Wind ultimately got the cable permit after appealing to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 


  1. what a surprise.
    I would bet that if a company came along and wanted to mine coal with a large underwater excavator
    in this area, the trump regime would be approving it is less than a week, even though there is no coal there. Such is the logic of a demented wanna be dicktater

    • Don, I wanted to say thanks for the comment addressed to me under your recent letter. Wasn’t ignoring it, I just didn’t check back until today. I will try to chime in more the next time the topic turns to whales & friends, as I had some thoughts on that. With any luck, not the rambling kind. ? Okay, back to turbines –Trump’s fave.

  2. Andrew, please don’t comment on this…last week, Donx3 had a piece titled “OK Boomer”…had you not commented on that article, instead of 40 responses, there probably would have About 5 comments…Jackie telling Don what a great article it was, Don saying thanks, Bulkington saying what great article, Don saying thanks and maybe 1or 2 more…had you not commented, they would have nothing to occupy their sad lives…their world revolves around making derogatory about you…just wait until November 4th and then you can gloat when conservative Republicans control the Presidency, Senate, and House…you will enjoy watching the aforementioned completely go berserk…and no, Donx3, I will not respond to anything you have to say

    • Don wrote a letter to the editor of this newspaper, and the newspaper gave it the headline, “Okay Boomer”. No one would expect a cult follower of Trump to know the difference between a newspaper article and a letter, so I understand and am sad for you, IQ.

    • Hey TQ,If you’re worried about the number of comments,you shouldn’t have posted yours as it’s already garnered two responses which wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t posted.

  3. Andrew, it is my sincere hope you will respond. You are a main reason I subscribe to the MV Times. I like to be challenged. I learn from those with whom I disagree and agree. I do not write this to be the provocateur. The dialectic is key. When I submit a piece for peer review (elsewhere,) some will agree and some won’t. You and I share an Alma Mater. Unlike TQ, who presents as more passionate than educated, you present as both. Schadenfreude has never been your bag. Likewise, blind allegiance has never been your “bag.” I apologize for this apostrophic post to those who were hoping for something about politics or windmills. If am only for myself, though, what good would I be, and if not now, when?

    • I hope you also like listening to untruths while enjoying thinly veiled racist and anti Semitic views. The criminal bum in the WH likes his cult followers uneducated, but he also depends on his more educated sycophants to lie as much as he does. When you have a President pardoning war criminals and interfering in the criminal proceedings of his criminal campaign advisor, and the fake Christian cult followers say nothing while making up their own lies about liberal views, it’s bad. Privileged, white authoritarian personalities love their racist criminal Dear Leader and will say anything to go as low as he goes.

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